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Create Your Dream Website with Confidence

Transform your ideas into reality with this website set up course designed just for you. Even if you don’t know tech and are just getting started on your blog or business journey.

here’s the thing

Having your own website will empower you to share your passion, expertise, and message confidently.

Yes it can be done your way, on your budget, and look as gorgeous as you hoped. Let’s get you that website you’ve dreamed of.

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Let’s talk about pursuing a business today. Not so easy, right?

you can never find time

Because you’ve got life, a job, and all the things in between. Finding time to create a website seems impossible. No worries, there’s help.

You have shiny object problems

What to focus on first? Let me show you how to get your site up and running and you decide next steps.

And not many tech skills

We give you all the tech help to confidently publish your site and then some.

One website. Endless possibilities.

Imagine if you can finally showcase your creativity and expertise to the world through a stunning, professional website that truly represents who you are and what you offer.

With your website as your digital home base, not to mention out of office assistant, you have the freedom to expand your reach, attract your ideal audience, and propel your business or passion project to new levels of visibility and impact.

Jessica Wangelin
Hi, I’m Jessica.

And here is my website story.

Back in 2009 when I worked at a university, I’d come home at night and refinish small furniture pieces in my apartment. One day I found a blog about someone who did something similar and thought – “I can do that. I WANT to do that.” and so began my home decor blog and online business journey.

Now, 100s of thousands of pageviews, 425+ blog posts, several brand partnerships, two more websites, and my own design business later, these sites have been a constant for me ever since. Having your own website is a way to share your talent, earn an income, and pursue a business that will allow you to grow personally and professionally.


Create Your WordPress Website

A comprehensive self-led course empowering you to effortlessly build your own affordable and professional website, even without technical expertise or the need for expensive designers.

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get clarity first

We know you need to map together your business and understand how a website fits in. We do that in this course.

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get all the tech

We have a walk through of exactly the steps to take if you already have a site and are moving it, or already have a domain or hosting.

A desk with a laptop, a cup of coffee and a notebook.
get set up

The course walks you through your five easy steps to get a website set up on the self-hosted WordPress platform in just a few hours.


What you get inside Create Your WordPress Website

Say goodbye to not knowing where to get started and technical roadblocks, because with our course, you’ll discover the power to create your own stunning website and get your business to shine. Did I mention you can do it all in one day?

bonuses that you get included with the course

We love goodies. You too?

Website Update Checklists

My comprehensive list of exactly what to update on your site on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. Comes in Trello Board or Google Sheets format.

included free! Value $9

Digital Business Planner Trello Board

This is my go-to space for organizing everything for my business. Use it to track not only your site, but your to do lists, projects, and lots more.

Included free! Value $27

The DIY Logo Bundle

Don’t have a logo? Don’t worry! This bundle will give you professionally-designed logo templates all with colors and fonts picked that you can customize for your own website.

included free! Value $37

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who does not currently have a self-hosted WordPress website (where you pay for your own hosting and the site is the WordPress.org platform) and wants to set one up.
  • Anyone who has a website on another platform (Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, Showit) and wants to move platforms to stop paying monthly fees to have a website. Pro tip: You don’t have to pay monthly for a website! And yes – WordPress looks as gorgeous as those other platforms.
  • Someone who wants to start a blog to share content.
  • Anyone who wants to take their business to the next level and have a professional website to share with potential clients, customers, and audience.
  • Someone who wants to bring all of their online presence into one cohesive space.
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, small business owners, creative professionals, service providers, coaches, consultants, freelancers, and network marketers who want an online space.
  • Anyone ready to take control. If you’re tired of relying on others to build your website or feeling limited by DIY website builders, it’s time to learn how to create your own professional website.
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Tech details about the course:

  • In the course we teach you how to plan for your website by reviewing your business goals and priorities.
  • Then we walk through my signature CREATE Method of setting up your website.
  • This includes: Choosing a domain and hosting, Refining your website theme (what it looks like); Entering Content; Assembling Pages where you create any and all pages you want for your site; Tech Talk, this is where we help you learn how to edit your site; and Elevate – ideas for taking your site to the next level when it is right for you.
  • You can already have a domain to do all of this, or you can get one via our instructions in the course.
  • You can move a website to the WordPress platform if you are looking to switch platforms.
  • You can set up a blog in this course also.
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Create Your WordPress Website

Can’t wait for you to jump on board with us!

one payment


All course materials

All bonuses

Save $17 with one payment

Option to split pay at $107/month

vip tier


Everything includes in the pay in full option.

All bonuses

A website audit by me when your site is ready

Invitation to twice monthly office hours for the course for three months

Your website emailed out to my list of 2400+ people

Option to split pay at $177/month

Let’s enter your website era

You are in the right place. Let’s get your business the site it deserves to share your message, your way.

Course Outline

First we Plan. Then we CREATE.

The CREATE Methodâ„¢ is my signature course framework to set up your website.

In true website design fashion, the course starts with you planning your site in a way that matches up with what your goals are now. Then we use The CREATE Methodâ„¢, which stands for: Choose Your Domain and Hosting, Refine Your Theme, Enter Content, Assemble Pages, Tech Talk, and Elevate.


First, we plan.

We review your business goals, branding, audience, and offers to get clarity on your plan now.

Step 1

Choose Your Domain and Hosting

I’ll share my recommendations for if you are starting from scratch (with or without a domain) or other options in between.

Step 2

Refine Your Theme

This is where we start the fun work of designing the site to reflect your business and personality.

Step 3

Enter Content

Next we add your photos and write your website copy in a way that gets your message across.

Step 4

Assemble Pages

Here is when we design any of the pages you want to launch your website with now.

Step 5

Tech Talk

This is your go-to library where you can learn and implement anything you need to make the site shine.



Take your site to the next level with these recommendations on what to do next.

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This course is exactly what I would tell every aspiring entrepreneur about starting a website. I took everything I learned myself and what I do with my clients, and put it together just for you.
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Let’s Chat

I know you have dreams. And know that you want something more for yourself. Let’s turn your passion into a working business with a website you can’t wait to share with everyone. It’s the glow up you and your ideas are looking for.

We are here for you every step of the way. Enroll in Create Your WordPress Website now and I can’t wait to welcome you into our community of ambitious entrepreneurs.

Your gorgeous website is waiting.

there’s no risk

Our “Great Things” Guarantee

We believe in the quality and effectiveness of our course, and we stand behind it with our 7-day money back “Great Things” guarantee. Knowing that you can create GREAT THINGS for your business when you follow this plan, if you’re not satisfied with the course within the first 7 days of your purchase, we’ll issue you a full refund. Simply contact our customer support team at hello@jessicawwangelin.com within 7 days of your purchase and let us know why you’re not satisfied. We’ll process your refund as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

The course include lessons on clarifying your business goals and planning your website, getting a domain and hosting, creating content, and setting up your theme and pages on your website. It also has many resources to enhance and develop your site or blog. Including: Themes I love and use, legal pages to use on your site, where to get stock photography, Canva tips, and more.

This course is exactly for the person who does not already have a website and wants walk-through easy-to-follow lessons on how to do so on the self-hosted WordPress platform.

First – there are two different WordPress platforms with the same name but they are different. The WordPress.org platform allows you to have your own website, where you pay for hosting and a domain, and the WordPress part is free. This allows you to “own” the site, meaning it is not on a platform where you pay for it monthly, or with a service that you do not have content ownership over. WordPress is the most commonly used content management system worldwide because of its ease of use, functionality, options, design, and more.

Absolutely. This your first step in setting up a website and then developing it to grow as you and your business grows. There is information on setting up and formatting blog posts in the course.

Two additional expenses you would pay for are your domain (usually around $20 USD a year) and WordPress hosting (starts around $2.99 a month, for $35.88 USD annually – at the time of writing this). The WordPress platform and theme I recommend are free (and have tons of design options). Other expenses might be optional plugins for website functionality, custom fonts, or licensing for photos (also optional – and I show you how to get free stock photos).

I’ve had my own website since 2009, when I began my online business as a home decor blogger. Since 2020, I’ve been a website designer for clients and have created and/or worked on more than 25 websites. I currently manage the websites for my own three businesses.

Yes and no. This course will show you how to: Get a domain; Get website hosting; Install WordPress; Decide on a theme; Set up website pages; and more. It will walk through INTRODUCTORY lessons in setting up a home page, about page, blog, and ecommerce shop on your website.

This course is specifically to set up a self-hosted website on the WordPress.org platform with your own hosting services and domain/URL. This is not to set up a website on Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, Showit or any other platform.

As long as you have completed payment for the course you get lifetime access to any future updates or additions made to the course material, so you can stay current with the latest WordPress and website trends and strategies.

This information is very straightforward and would take about 2-4 days to work through at a couple hours a day. Mainly because of the video lessons to watch, information to read, and steps to implement.

The lessons in the course are pre-recorded, but the kick off session will be live, as are the office hours sessions, if you received access to those.

Good question. There is a lot of information available these days on how to set up a website. However I find there are only about one specific topic like creating a blog, or the tech parts of using WordPress, and not comprehensive enough to help you see the big picture on why you are creating this site, what your options are for websites these days, and how to create something that is sustainable yet will grow and adapt with you and your business.

This is a self study course, however there is email support for questions, a kick off call for all new students, and office hours if you received access to those when you enrolled.

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this is your chance

Your Gorgeous Website Awaits

  • Learn step-by-step how to set up your own WordPress website hassle-free.
  • Gain access to tech tutorials, video lessons, and expert tips tailored to your needs.
  • Empower yourself to create a professional website that showcases your unique brand.
  • Launch your blog or website independently and begin promoting your business effectively.
  • Join a community of empowered business owners who are taking control of their online presence.

Ready to bring your vision to life?

Dive into this fun course filled with tech tutorials, expert video lessons, and insider tips. Say goodbye to costly designers and tech headaches as you master creating your self-hosted website. Go you! Empower yourself to showcase your unique brand online. Can’t wait to see you in the course friend.