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Connect with me to learn how to promote your business online with branding and marketing strategies that work for you.


I’m Jessica, it’s great to meet you.

My passion is to inspire women to create a thriving online business that works for your life.

I started a home decor blog in 2009 and have been an online business owner ever since. My network marketing team in the wellness space is what changed me dramatically in terms of self-development, growing as a person and wanting to support other women in doing the same.

I know what it’s like to work full time, raise babies, and balance a side business at night when I could get a few moments to actually sit down at my laptop. But I know that it can be done!

I offer branding and marketing services for online entrepreneurs to help you get clarity on your message and to show up online with confidence.

My VIP Day design services include full branding packages, logos, and websites for ambitious mom entrepreneurs. But you can also do it yourself! See how to get started with me below.

Jessica was so easy to work with, and put my anxieties to rest that I wasn’t exactly sure what my branding would be. She talked me through and let me know that a lot of people are the same. We started with what I did know and went from there. I hope to work with her more in the future.

Jen P, Branding Client
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