You Have a Logo! Now What?


You’ve picked out your logo and branding. And you are super excited to be at this place of your business journey?! It is very exciting, but you also may be wondering, so what happens now?

Here are several things you can and should do to get your brand out into the world. Do any that feel right for you, or that you haven’t done so far and let’s start growing your amazing brand!

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Get Your Design Files

Any good designer will give you access to your design files unless they work with a very uncommon software that you don’t have or won’t pay to own. But mostly you should have PNG files of the logo in all of its formats with a transparent background.

Fo example, you should have several varieties of the actual design, sometimes called a logo suite, or alternative marks. So that you can use it in different formats required online and in print.

This can include a square design, something horizontal, and also a favicon, which is the tiny picture you see to the left of a web browser name in your browser tabs.

Keep your files on Google Drive in a folder where you’ll easily remember where they are to use them when you need them, and just to back them up.

If you get links in Canva, go and open the links (create your own template if you got template links). Then move them to a folder titled with your brand name so all of your designs are in one place.

Download the images to your laptop and store them there in a folder. You will use these to upload them to your Canva account, which I explain next.

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Import your designs into your canva account

In order to use the logo you need it in your design software, and most likely that means Canva. Here is how to add them to your Brand section in your Canva account:

  1. First, make sure you have the logos on your laptop and they are PNG files, and they are the designs with a transparent background. You can download them from Canva like that.
  2. Go to the brand section and upload the designs (with the transparent background) to the logo section. Add as many as you’d like or have.
  3. Update your brand colors from the ones in your designs.
  4. Update the fonts section of the brand part.

Pro Tip: If you can change the colors of your designs, make one in all white and another in all black and download those with a transparent background to use on top of contrasting colors in your designs.

Now you’ll have all of your files ready to go and inside your Canva account so you can use them in your designs.

This shows some of the logos I use for my blogs, business, and Facebook groups in my Canva Brand kit. Notice in the bottom right, the two that are white so I can use them on top of photos and dark backgrounds like I mentioned above.

Share Your New Brand on Social Media

Imagine how excited your friends and family will be for you when they see your new colors and logo! Go ahead and post your designs in our Facebook profile, business page, group, Instagram, stories and all the places where you share online.

Tell people how excited you are about your brand, and the next steps you’ll be taking in your business now that you have a brand identity – and describe what those next steps are. People will love to come along the journey with you. This also establishes you as a thought leader, and woman who means business. Branding means you are serious about your business. Let people see the successful and ambitious entrepreneur that you are.

Read all the blog posts about branding and using your logo HERE.

Create new designs with your logo on them

The best way to get to know your new brand is to start to use it!

That means replacing as many of your social images with new ones that have your new logo on them. Now you don’t have to go and replace ALL the former posts, but here is a list of places you can and should be including your logo:

  • Facebook personal profile cover image
  • Facebook business page cover image
  • Instagram posts, designed ones like graphics and such
  • Stories backgrounds and stickers.

Pro Tip: To make a sticker of your logo, download your fav logo to your phone with a transparent background, and save it on your camera roll. Then you can use it on top of social stories like this.

Most likely your designs have some kind of element to them, like maybe a circle or your favorite flower or even some metallic part. See what parts you can use in your designs and get creative.

The element can stand out as a reflection of your brand. And the entire logo can be used in so many different ways on social media. Open up your Canva account and make some designs with the new logo. What do you think of them?

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Live with it for a little while

It’s natural not to have an overwhelming feeling of – “Oh I LOVE this” when you decide on your branding. That’s probably because you’ve looked at the designs so much, it’s a big decision, and it’s something new and that’s ok! Especially if it’s either: Taken you a while to create the brand, or have it designed, and have a hard time making decisions.

Plus this is something new, and something big for your business, which can make you feel a bit of pressure. And that’s alright also.

I often tell clients that a brand is only as good as how you use it. So if your designs sit in your Canva folder and don’t see the light of day – then of course you are going to feel wishy washy about it.

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You need to get that brand and logo out into the world where it belongs. But if you find yourself wanting to edit some things about it, go ahead and ask your designer what the edit policy is, or make the changes yourself.

This becomes especially true about colors. Sometimes colors can look amazing in a pallet together, but in a social media design they just don’t work at all. Make some edits and see what works for you. But when you do decide on colors, make sure you use the exact same ones.

Pro Tip: Don’t make any edits besides of minor color adaptations, because a logo that will be recognizable is of the same colors and fonts. That’s what makes it a logo! You don’t want your designs to be filled with all kinds of fonts that aren’t reflective of your brand.

How to use your logo online

Do some brand planning

Now that you have these images and designs, you’ll probably want to sit down and reflect for a bit about where your brand is going. A brand is not just a logo, it’s a living, evolving thing that encompases your message, your personality, your programs and offers, your events, and how you carry all of that out in public to your audience, wherever they may be.

If this is something you’ve been waiting to do for awhile, then now you might really be ready to show up for your business in a way that you haven’t previously. This is a great place to be. Use your new confidence about your business to go and do things you’ve been too scared to do previously.

Spend time brainstorming ways you can showcase your brand and reach the goals you’ve set for your business. Does this new logo now let you pitch to podcasts? Create a website? Launch your online course? Great! Set in motion the action steps to make those things happen.

I hope this insight helps you to love your branding and rock your content. Tell us what you did after you got your new logo in the comments here. Come listen to the podcast for more marketing inspiration today!

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