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What is this webinar about?

In this valuable training I’ll share how to clarify your business goals and map them to a website design. You’ll learn what a website can do for your business, see examples of pages that will highlight your work, and know the exact steps to get started with a website.

who is this for?

Anyone who does not have a website and wants to get started planning one. This is for the ambitious, aspiring biz owner who knows that a getting a website is your next best step.

What will I learn?

How to map your business ideas to a website structure and what to know when planning for your website. You’ll also learn what are the must-have pages for a site and why they matter.

what’s the pitch?

At the end I will tell you about my new course – Create Your WordPress Website to get your own website created. Optional to join, as the webinar is value-packed itself, but an amazing opportunity at the intro launch price.

One website. Endless possibilities.

Imagine if you can finally showcase your creativity and expertise to the world through a stunning, professional website that truly represents who you are and what you offer.

With your website as your digital home base, not to mention out of office assistant, you have the freedom to expand your reach, attract your ideal audience, and propel your business or passion project to new levels of visibility and impact. This webinar will be help you learn all of the things you can have on a website, how to plan for one, and more because I love over-delivering to help your business succeed.

Here is what we’ll cover.

Jessica Wangelin
Hi, I’m Jessica.

And here is my website story.

Back in 2009 when I worked at a university, I’d come home at night and refinish small furniture pieces in my apartment. One day I found a blog about someone who did something similar and thought – “I can do that. I WANT to do that.” and so began my home decor blog and online business journey.

Now, 100s of thousands of pageviews, 425+ blog posts, several brand partnerships, two more websites, and my own design business later, these sites have been a constant for me ever since. Having your own website is a way to share your talent, earn an income, and pursue a business that will allow you to grow personally and professionally.

april 15th at 8:00 pm edt

From Idea to Reality: Plan Your Website in Five Steps

An action-packed learning session where we will talk, ask questions, learn about websites, and have fun talking all-thing-business growth.

what you get with the webinar

We love goodies. You too?

Website Planner

Plan your perfect site with my guide in Google Doc format so you can take notes.

Behind the Scenes

What I recommend for anyone starting a website, from tech to strategy and more.

Time for Questions

Ask me anything about websites or your plans for one in the question and answer time.

Let’s enter your website era

You are in the right place. Let’s get your business the site it deserves to share your message, your way.

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This webinar is filled with exactly what I would tell every aspiring entrepreneur about planning for their website. I took everything I learned myself, what my market research asked for, what I do with my clients, and put it together just for you.
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I know you have dreams. And know that you want something more for yourself. Let’s turn your passion into a working business with a website you can’t wait to share with everyone. It’s the glow up you and your ideas are looking for.

Register for the webinar and I look forward to seeing you there. Your gorgeous website is waiting.

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this is your chance

Your Gorgeous Website Awaits

  • Learn what to do to start planning your website.
  • Get behind the scenes ideas of how to set up your site.
  • Hear my tech recommendations.
  • Take notes in a Google Doc you can keep.
  • Learn about my new course Create Your WordPress Website.
  • Feel amazing that you have your website planned.

Ready to bring your vision to life?

Yes a website can be done on your budget, your way. And it can grow with your business, serve as your out of office assistant, and lots more. Let me share how to plan for your amazing website in this webinar.