Ways to Use Your Logo

So you have a logo. Congrats! Now you might be wondering what to do with it. This post will show you a list of all kinds of places that you should be sharing your brand and your logo online. These are great ideas to make sure that your message and your brand gets out there so people start to recognize you and you’re excited about your online presence.

If you do have a logo and you’re thinking, I haven’t even used it, I haven’t done anything with it. Well, I put this list together because after working literally with dozens and dozens of women in creating their brand online, I realized that this was kind of a next step, that they needed a list of places to know what to do with this gorgeous logo that they had so they could actually be present. And so they could start to get some of that brand recognition and they could actually feel confident in their business.

Here are many ways to use your logo

There are tons of places you can use your brand online. Here are just a few. If you use yours in different ways, leave a comment and tell me where you’ve found it effective to showcase your branding.

Your Facebook profile cover image: This is usually a great way to put a collage of photos that talk about your lifestyle. Most of the people you know on Facebook are probably friends in the past, family members, things like that. And they wanna see about your life. They don’t necessarily want to read about your business all the time. So include your logo and maybe in one of the images in a collage or in a corner or some place where it still connects to your life.

Facebook highlight covers/featured section: They used to have a featured image on Facebook highlights, but now they have highlight covers, which are relatively small. You can put some cover images on there, get your logo on one of them. If you’re gonna do an about business featured section, that’s a really fun way to do that. And you can name those highlights just like you can on Instagram.

Facebook business page: A FB business page is where Facebook wants you to talk about all things business and people are going to come there to find about what you do, what you sell, the services you have and such. Your Facebook Business page is a primary spot for your logo and your brand to have your colors on there, make sure that your font matches in the image you create and any images you create a branded to you.

Social Cover Images: Use your logo in your cover images on your FB profile, business page and group event covers. It can be fun to switch these around for launches you are doing, holidays, or other big news you want to share.

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Instagram highlights: Just like the Facebook highlight covers, you can have your logo on your Instagram highlight covers. You can have each of your brand colors as a different highlight cover. A lot of people are kind of doing a simple image like that, or you can have an icon on there, or complimentary background images. If you have an icon that goes along an element with your logo, have that is the main image on the Instagram highlight.

Instagram and Facebook Stories: Put your logo on the bottom of those, either from a design you created or as a sticker of your logo that you keep on your camera roll.

Reel Cover Images: You can create your own reel cover images and then make sure to use them when you make reels or shorts. Put your logo where it works in the design and you’ll have a consistent grid on the Reels section of Instagram.

Social Media Posts: Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and any other platform you are on. If you’re present on LinkedIn, there’s a cover image on there. Since the profile on LinkedIn actually is a picture of you. You don’t necessarily have to have your face on the cover image, but it is a great place to have the logo and some text about what you do. Don’t forget about YouTube cover image for your channel and the thumbnail images for your videos.

Social Media Backgrounds: Backgrounds are a fun way to get your colors and your message and things like that out there. But they’re also a really great way to have fast social media stories that you have ready to post anytime. They’re super quick to make. You can have those stored in your phone’s camera roll and just use them as the background when you’re gonna post something like a poll or a question or place a sticker around top.

Your Website: Your logo should definitely be on your logo on your website. Usually people put it in the header and footer areas. If you don’t have a WordPress site – I can create your website in a VIP Day with me.

You can make websites on Canva for free, both desktop and mobile versions. You can also have your logo as a watermark on images that you put on your site. So when you go to pin those people always recognize your logo and your brand.

Opt In Forms: These are great ways and places to share components of your logo. Alternative mark logos are different things like just your initials or just the elements or like if you have a very specific image that is recognizable, you can use that of course on a website.

Opt In or Lead Magnet: Another place you want to have your logo is and your Opt In, which is commonly a pdf that has content that you provide to your audience for people to get on your email list. Opt Ins can also be an email training series, an audio, a webinar and many more options.

Your email signature: Create an image to use in all of your email messages that includes your business name and logo. Pro Tip: Add your picture to this image. I think it’s always helpful to have your face on it so people recognize you. Especially with the amount of email people get. It really helps with brand recognition so people know they’re getting a message from someone that they know and like and they know it’s gonna be something fun and valuable for them to read.

Printed Documents: If you’re someone that makes printed things like newsletters or postcards, don’t forget to have your logo on those. One of my clients actually made a really cute gift card with her logo on it to give some gifts for her customers.

Link In Bio Link Tree services: If you have something like Milkshake Website or Link Tree or one of those services, make sure that you can design that as much it as you can in your brand colors and fonts. If you can insert a picture, add your logo as one of them.

Bio Sheet: A bio sheet is really a one page PDF that you can use for a lot of different things. One way is to pitch to be a guest on a podcast or for a video in someone’s group. So when you do an interview, they have an intro on you and they know your links for where to find you. That can also be used to introduce yourself to new people. Promote yourself to the media, do media pitches and things like that.

Media Kit: A media kit is a package of information that is provided to journalists and other members of the media to provide information about a company, product, or service. It typically includes information such as a company overview, press releases, product images and descriptions, as well as contact information for the company’s public relations or media relations team. You can use a media kit to promote your company or product to the media and to make it easy for journalists to access the information they need to write about it.

Come say hi on Pinterest

Pinterest Pins: Pinterest is an amazing avenue for traffic. It’s great for long form evergreen content for business owners, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. If you haven’t gotten into the pin world, maybe you want to look into it this year. Your brand colors and logo should be on every pin you create.

Social Media Story Stickers: Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could have your logo as a sticker that you could put in any of your social media? Did you know you can download any graphic you create in Canva? And if you have the pro account, you can download any image with a transparent background, so it doesn’t have that white box around it when you use it as an image.

Pro Tip: Make your logo in all white or all black text if you can, so it will show up on different color backgrounds. And grab our Stories Text Stickers below for only $7!

I hope this gets you really excited to create an amazing brand presence and start to show up with confidence and have a really great feeling about being online!

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