Ways to Improve Your Focus

We all could use better focus when it comes to getting anything done – home tasks, work, reading, life in general. But what are ways to improve your focus and how can you avoid distractions to be able to increase your productivity and get done what you want?

Let’s talk about how to stay focused and align your priorities with your activities. As a mom, business owner, and woman who has a lot going on, I know you need to make the most of the time you have.

Here are strategies to help you hone your focus and accomplish more with grace and ease. When you get to read this, find me on Instagram and send me a message to tell me which have helped you.

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What we cover in this post

  • Ways to simplify your life based on your personality
  • Ideas for planning and decluttering
  • Daily actions to take to improve focus
  • Mindset tips to increase your concentration
  • Wellness ideas and recipes to help you focus

Simplify and Plan

Whenever there are things to do in life that will require some time, I always think about simplifying first. This is a trait in the Sparktype personality test I took awhile ago (affiliate link you can read about it here), but simplifying makes sense because it allows us to clear out what is not needed in order to make room for what is. Sometimes we don’t get things done just because our brain can only handle so much. Simplifying, whatever that looks like for you, can help this.

Define Your Why

I always joke with my friends about how much I actually hate this phrase. I mean – of course we know what our why is for doing something, but more so than not, it is valuable to actually define it, print it, put it in your planner.

  • Why are you doing what you are doing?
  • Have you intentionally connected the dots of your every day actions to the future you want?
  • Have you made the decision that your goals are going to become your reality?

Understand the purpose behind your actions and infuse them with meaning. Set clear goals and rewards for yourself, making each task a stepping stone on your journey to success. Even if you set a plan for the week, you will be much farther ahead than if you had no aim at all for your time.

Clear the Clutter

First, In a world brimming with noise and distraction, it’s helpful to take control of your environment. Whether it’s the constant pinging of notifications or the call of social media, clear away anything that doesn’t serve your purpose. You can go extreme in this case! Create a serene space conducive to concentration, both physically and mentally, and watch your focus flourish.

One major tip I give on my home decor blog is to clean out each room by taking in a box, several empty bags, or a laundry basket and put anything in there that you don’t want or need. This allows you to remove the items from the space and see the difference of having a clean room after. The before and after will encourage you to clean out more.

The mental energy of clutter is draining, even if we don’t acknowledge it. Take some time to declutter some spaces, including where you work, and actually get rid of the items. Seeing less stuff around your home can improve concentration because your brain isn’t constantly wondering what to do with it all.

Craft a Plan

Without a roadmap, you’re bound to meander aimlessly. Sure you may get things done,  but you want a plan if you are working to improve attention on your goals. Whether it’s a detailed itinerary or a simple list of tasks, having a clear direction ensures you stay on course even when distractions come up and it seems impossible to make progress.

Take control of your time and tasks by planning. Invest in a quality planner – I love The Happy Planner or digital organization system (I use Trello a lot) to map out your days, prioritize tasks, and set realistic goals. By breaking down your objectives into manageable steps and allocating dedicated time slots for focused work, you’ll streamline your workflow and unleash your productivity prowess. Then when you do sit down to work, you will have a list of exactly what to do.

Read all of my blog posts about productivity here.

Daily Actions for Focus

Embrace Routine

Do you like having a routine or do you need variety in your day? Outlining your day with a routine can be very productive because then you’ve already scheduled in tasks that you want to do daily. A routine, no matter how you schedule it, can be as simple as:

Eat well, accomplish 1-3 things on your to do list, do 1 tasks for XYZ project, and plan for the next day.

Of course there should be a lot more to it. I find a great time for a routine is in the morning. Read about How to Get Motivated in the Morning.

Schedule your day with deliberate intention, allocating specific time blocks for each task. Time blocking is when you schedule a set amount of time for the thing you want to get done. This can look like: Work 4 hours, lunch 30 minutes, laundry 15 minutes, work 3 hours. This becomes really effective when you can visualize what you want your day to look like and block your time accordingly.

Eliminate Multitasking

There may be no greater increase in your productivity than eliminating multitasking. There is a lot of evidence that suggests how long it takes our brain to switch from topic to topic when we “try” to multitask. When you sit down and focus on one thing, you will be amazed at how your attention span grows as you get into the groove of that thing and focus only on it. By eliminating distractions and focusing on one task at a time, you can boost your concentration. 

Be present with what you are doing

Be present with what you are doing by focusing on one thing at a time. By focusing your attention on one task at a time, you can train your brain to improve your ability to concentrate and eliminate distractions. I think about this when spending time with my family or friends. I wouldn’t be scrolling on my phone while playing with my kids, or talking on the phone at a dinner date out. When you are doing something, be fully there. You might be amazed at how you then have space for other tasks you want to do later.

Practice Meditation

Use meditation to help improve your attention and concentration by taking a short break to meditate quietly and improve your focus. It can also help you center yourself, de-stress, and calm your nervous system. Mindfulness is a cognitive skill attained through meditation when you have the ability to be fully present and aware of what you are doing. Both take practice.

There is a great app I use for workouts and meditation called (affiliate link) FitOn.  Listening to certain types of music may also improve your concentration and focus, but it can also be distracting. My husband has been listening to binaural beats when he gets up early to work.

Additionally, improving your cognitive abilities and short-term memory can help increase concentration levels. Do things like puzzles, put together legos with your kids, and do crossword puzzles or math games.

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Mindset Tips to Improve Focus

Stop Comparing Yourself

The temptation to compare yourself to others is a significant distraction that saps energy and messes with your head. Focus inwardly on your own journey, celebrating your victories and learning from your setbacks. Let go of the need for external validation and remember that the only person you should compare yourself to is who you were previously. Has that person made progress? Then you have success!

Learning from Failure

This is so much easier said than done, especially when you are in the middle of what you perceive to be a failure. I was let go from a job when I was in my mid-20s and it took me years to get over it. Everyone told me it was just a bump in the road and at the time it felt like a disaster. It can take awhile to learn from failure, but keep reflecting on your experience and know that there are all there to get you to the next place. 

Embrace Positivity

If you know me at all, you know that optimism is one of my top, if not the top, five values.  Optimism is having hopefulness or confidence about the future. This is a choice. And not one everyone embraces (although I wish they would). To me there is no room for negativity because of the way it affects your personality, outlook, and health. You can choose to see the glass as half full. Trust me when I say, your life will be better for it.

Wellness Practices to Improve Focus

Prioritize Rest and Getting Good Sleep

Lack of sleep can affect your concentration and memory and make you susceptible to many other health complications. When you don’t have good sleep, you feel like you can’t do much of anything. Both of my babies were not the best sleepers – trust me I know what lack of sleep does for a person!

So getting good sleep is so important. And even if you think you sleep well, there are many ways to improve sleep quality and quantity.

  • Establish a consistent bedtime routine
  • Give up caffeine. This did wonders for my sleep. No more waking up at 3am every day.
  • Create a tranquil sleep environment. Get nice sheets and comfy PJs.
  • Limiting screen time before bed and wear (aff link) blue-light blocking glasses if you do use a screen.
  • Diffuse essential oils before and during sleep. These are my favorites for sleep.
  • Eat enough so your body recovers at night
  • Get enough magnesium. I use a liquid version for better absorbency.
  • Relax by reading before bedtime
  • Listen to music to unwind

Detoxifying Your Living Space

I am a huge advocate for non-toxic living. It is one of my core values. I believe that your home should be a sanctuary of serenity, free from the toxic chemicals that so many of us are blind to. There are many proactive steps you can take to eliminate harmful toxins in your home, products, and even body. Some of these include opting for natural cleaning products and reducing your exposure to synthetic fragrances and chemicals.

One of the best things you can do is get rid of fragrance. It can cause all kinds of health problems you may not even know about. The journey to a non-toxic home is exactly that – a journey. Do what you can, your future will thank you. Read about the essential oils and products I’ve used for my family since 2015.

Essential Oils for Focus

There are so many great things you can do with essential oils and oil-infused products. Here are some oils that help you focus. You can diffuse these or make a roller bottle to use daily or to boost concentration. Essential oils work by affecting the limbic system in our brain where we process emotions. They also work in our bodies at the cellular level. 

natural living tips

Essential Oils for Focus

Brain Power, Cedarwood, Clarity, Genyus, Nutmeg, Peppermint, Rosemary, Vetiver. I use Young Living essential oils.

Fuel Your Body: Nourishing from Within

The adage “you are what you eat” rings true when it comes to maintaining mental clarity and focus. Staying on the right diet can be hard, especially with all of the food sensitivities people have and the difficulty in getting the right food you body needs.

Embrace a wholesome, nutrient-rich diet filled with vibrant fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins to fuel your body and mind. Minimize processed foods, sugar, and caffeine I’ve gone caffeine-free!), opting instead for nourishing meals that provide sustained energy and mental clarity.

Can you get a meal plan service or spend time meal planning on your own? Give up certain foods for a period and see if you can stick with it? Your energy levels and sleep patterns will thank you for feeding yourself well.

Balance through Exercise and Meditation

Physical movement and mental stillness are essential pillars of focus and well-being. Incorporate regular exercise into your routine, whether it’s a brisk walk in nature, a heart-pumping cardio session, or a restorative yoga practice. Pair physical activity with mindfulness meditation to quiet the chatter of the mind, center your thoughts, and cultivate inner peace. By harmonizing mind and body, you’ll unleash your full potential and navigate life’s challenges with grace and resilience.

Even if it is a simple stretch in the morning and a walk in the afternoon, getting regular activity is so good for you. You know you have to do it! This is my favorite workout app, it’s free. I use it daily for HIIT, yoga, meditation, stretching and more.

Incorporate these holistic strategies into your daily routine to clear the clutter from your life, nurture your well-being, and unlock unparalleled focus and productivity. Remember, true mastery of focus begins with nurturing yourself from the inside out.

Improve Your Focus: A Cheat Sheet for Increased Productivity

  • Clear out what is not needed to make room for what is
  • Define your why and connect it to your everyday actions
  • Remove anything that doesn’t serve your purpose
  • Declutter physical and digital spaces to improve concentration
  • Create a roadmap or task list to stay on course
  • Break down objectives into manageable steps with dedicated time slots
  • Outline your day with a productive routine
  • Schedule specific time blocks for each task using time blocking
  • Be present with what you are doing
  • Fully engage in each activity without distractions
  • Practice mindfulness by focusing on one thing at a time
  • Take short breaks to meditate quietly, improving focus and reducing stress
  • Center yourself and calm your nervous system through meditation
  • Focus on one task at a time to boost concentration and productivity
  • Stop comparing yourself
  • Learn from failure
  • Embrace positivity
  • Prioritize rest and get good sleep
  • Detox your home
  • Use essential oils specific for focus
  • Nourish your body with whole foods
  • Get exercise regularly

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