Transform Your Website’s About Page With These Ideas

There’s a secret in the website design world. And it has to do with your About Page.

Most people believe that the About Page should talk all about you, your business, and what you do. While most of that is true, the secret of your about page is that it should be focused on what you do for your ideal customer or client. How you serve them, how you can help them, and build connections to help people know you and what you do.

There are a lot of things you can do to write a great about page because it can make a significant impact.  It’s more than just a section on your site—it’s your opportunity to connect with your audience, share your story, and build trust.

What we cover in this blog post:

  • Why your About Page matters
  • Essential elements of a powerful About Page
  • Writing tips for a captivating About Page
  • Unique ideas to put on your About Page

Why Your About Page Matters

Your About Page is often one of the most visited pages on your site. It’s where potential customers go to learn more about you, your values, and what makes your business unique. And of course, what you do. A compelling About Page can be the difference between a visitor who leaves and one who becomes a loyal customer.

About pages are one of the top most-visited pages on a website because someone wants to know more about you and if you are a person they want to get to know better. Also, About pages are most commonly included in the main menu of a website so they tend to be a link people find easily.

Essential Elements of a Powerful About Page

To help you create a standout About Page, here’s a simple outline and some tips on what to include:

1. Headline and Introduction

Headline: Grab attention with a strong headline. It should reflect your brand’s personality and hint at what visitors will learn about you.

Introduction: Start with a brief, engaging introduction that makes visitors want to read more. Introduce yourself and your business in a friendly, relatable way.

What you do: Describe what exactly you do for your audience. They want to know if you are the best person to help them.

2. Your Story

Background: Share your journey. How did you get started? What motivated you to start your business?

Mission and Vision: Clearly state your mission and vision. What are you aiming to achieve? Why does your business exist?

Milestones and Achievements: Highlight any significant milestones or achievements. This builds credibility and shows your growth.

Customer Commitment: Explain how you’re committed to your customers. What do you do to ensure their satisfaction?

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3. How You Can Help Your Audience

People come to your about page because they want to know about you, but more importantly they want to know what you can do for them. So this isn’t the place to do a long story about your entire history, it is a place to describe in detail what you do.

For example, do you:

  • Have a podcast. Tell your audience what to expect on the show and where they can listen.
  • Teach workshops: How do they sign up and get on your email list.
  • Do live videos weekly, or focus on a YouTube channel. Link to that.
  • Have a place they can get started with your business, share that information
  • Talk about a specific technique or method. Make sure to share your unique selling proposition on this page.
  • Share a lot of behind the scenes and want people to know you personally? Let them how where they can send you a message.
  • Have an online community? Provide the links and information on what they can find there. 

Do you need a website? Or does your current site need a refresh?

4. Call to Action

Engage Your Audience: End with a call to action. Encourage visitors to contact you, follow your blog, or connect on social media.

Don’t forget call to actions don’t have to be “Click Here” on a button. There are a lot of creative calls to action you can write on a web page. Pick one that fits your personality. Some examples are:

  1. “Discover More”
  2. “Here’s the Secret”
  3. “Join the Journey”
  4. “Get Started Now”
  5. “Explore (fill in your topic here)”
  6. “Yes I want this!”
  7. “See for Yourself”
  8. “Take the Next Step”
  9. “Find Out How”
  10. “Learn the truth behind (your topic here)”

5. Links to Your Opt In or Offers

This is key. People come to this page to learn about you, who while they are doing that, you must include offers for them to take the next steps. This can be done with attractive designs links to your products, either to your ecommerce set up or from a built in block. 

Highlight your products in a shop section or some other way that people can see the variety of things you have, or easy ways to take the next steps with you. Website platforms like WordPress have easy ways to share content like this.

Writing Tips for a Captivating About Page

1. Be Authentic: Authenticity is key. Write in a conversational tone and be yourself. People connect with real stories and genuine emotions.

2. Focus on Your Audience: While it’s your story, keep your audience in mind. How can your story benefit them? What problems do you solve for them?

3. Keep It Clear and Concise: Avoid jargon and long-winded explanations. Make your points clear and concise. Make sure if you have an international audience that you use phrases that most languages might understand.

4. Use Visuals: Include high-quality images or videos to make your page visually appealing and break up text. Pictures of yourself go a long way to convey a trust factor and help people learn about you.

Unique Ideas to Enhance Your About Page

Fun Facts: Share interesting or quirky facts about yourself or your team. This can make your page more engaging and memorable. And can be where you share more lifestyle type content.

Behind-the-Scenes: Give a peek behind the curtain. Show how your products are made or what a day in your office looks like.

Testimonials: Include quotes from satisfied customers or partners to build credibility and trust.

Interactive Elements: Consider adding a short video introduction or an interactive timeline of your business’s history. There are a lot of fun design elements that do this.

Taking these steps will not only improve your About Page but also set the stage for a stronger connection with your audience. I’m excited to see how you transform this crucial part of your website!

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