Tips to Promote Affiliate Products

Affiliate marketing is a dynamic and rewarding opportunity for business owners looking to extend their reach, promote value-driven products, and generate additional revenue through commissions. By understanding the basics of affiliate marketing, honing promotion strategies, and aligning with quality affiliate programs, you can create meaningful partnerships and provide valuable products to your audience.

It’s also a great way to earn an income as an entrepreneur and it can be the perfect avenue to develop a content plan and grow your own business. Today let’s talk about tips to promote affiliate products, where I’ll give you ideas of how you can effectively promote affiliate products and you can learn about my own affiliate programs, see real life examples of how I promote affiliate products, plus find three great affiliate programs you can join today.

This blog post contains affiliate links to products I use, which earns me a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for promoting my small business and see my full disclosure here.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting someone else’s product and earning a commission from doing so. It is a widely popular marketing strategy available across various platforms and industries, including Amazon, Impact (has AppSumo, Canva and others), and ShareASale (has Tailwind, NameCheap and others). Affiliate marketing offers individuals the opportunity to earn money without the need to create their own products or invest heavily in product development. It allows for collaboration with others when sharing their products, helping you to expand reach and engage with different audiences.

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Key Considerations for Picking Affiliate Programs

When choosing affiliate programs to join, here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure that they align with your brand and values, and have the potential to be successful. Here are some important considerations:

Quality Over Quantity: Select products that align with your brand and that you genuinely believe in. Focus on promoting products that you would use or have used yourself. Don’t make the mistake of being an affiliate for all kinds of things just because you are trying to make money. People will see through that, you won’t have time to effectively promote them all, and it won’t be authentic.

I like to follow the advice of promoting products that your whole-avatar would want. What does this person need and want in their home, business, personal, and family life?

Authenticity: Ensure that the affiliate products resonate with your audience and that you can genuinely express your appreciation for them. Again, they should actually be products you have used yourself so you can tell stories about your experience and success.

Product Quality: Choose products that are high-quality, valuable, and solve a specific problem or meet a need for your audience. Often it makes sense to share higher prices products because you then make a decent commission on them and people then get the value.

Long-Term Potential: Consider the long-term potential of the products you promote. Look for products with a strong track record and potential for ongoing sales. Can you intertwine the promotion of these with the content you share? And will this be a sustainable product you’ll share year after year? If so then it’s a win-win.

Relevance: Opt for products that are relevant to your niche and audience to maximize the engagement and conversion rates. Don’t forget to think outside the box and promote things nobody else is. This can be a huge win and a way to differentiate yourself in the market.

Effective Promotion Strategies for Affiliate Products

To successfully promote affiliate products, it’s great to utilize a variety of effective strategies to reach and engage with your audience. Remember to match these to your personality, marketing plan, and that you are genuinely excited about sharing them.

Here is an example of one way I promoted an affiliate product I love, called The Marketing Magic App, which is a tool that uses AI to write all of your copy and content. I created a behind the scenes video of the app so people could see it working and get an idea of it was really for them.

I loved it so much I promoted the beta launch and annual sale price to my email list and made just over $1K as an affiliate of the product in about a week.

this is a video I did talking about an affiliate product I promoted.

Here are some proven promotional strategies for sharing affiliate products:

In-Depth Reviews: Create in-depth and authentic reviews of the affiliate products through blog posts, live videos, or short-form content, highlighting their features, benefits, and personal testimonials. Long for content is perfect for this and then you can break it up and use it on shorter form social media and the like. Don’t forget to think of seasonal promotions you can do reviews for.

Tutorial Content: Develop tutorial content that showcases the practical use of affiliate products, helping potential customers understand how the product can address their specific needs. One specific way I do this is with classes about my essential oil company’s products. We teach monthly classes in our group on how to use the ols so that people are educated on them.

Content Focus: Incorporate content on platforms where your audience is most engaged, such as websites, social media groups, or forums, focusing specifically on the affiliate products. Look around and see where these places are for you? How can you incorporate the products in a natural way?

How to Share Affiliate Products on Your Website

create a resources or favorite things page.

This is my Favorite Things page on my site, where I share all of my affiliate products and resources for people to access them. Creating an all-in-one type of page is a great way to let people see everything you want to share, and then you can easily promote it when talking about any of the products in a video, blog post, social post, etc.

Webinars and Demonstrations: Host webinars or live demonstrations to showcase the affiliate products in action, allowing potential customers to see the products in use and understand their value. Lots of social platforms have opportunities for you to share products, in fact many encourage it like Amazon. They want you to share the product they sell. Also, what about doing a live weekly video where you share your favorite things, or adding a 30 second “commercial” with disclaimers of course, about your favorite things in your podcast episodes or blog posts (you’ll see me do it here in this post).

Email Campaigns: Utilize targeted email campaigns to reach out to specific segments of your audience, introducing them to the affiliate products and their benefits. Don’t forget that you can’t share Amazon affiliate links in email messages as of the time of writing this, but you can link to blog posts where you have the products included. I’ve made 4 figures from sending 2-3 email messages about affiliate products I promote, this can be very successful.

My Affiliate Program: An Inside Look

My own affiliate program includes a range of website-related products, content resources, branding materials, and digital courses designed to enhance marketing strategies. I’d love for you to be part of our community and promote when you can.

Affiliates can easily access my products through Thrivecart and gain access to an extensive resource library with swipe copy, social graphics, and promotion ideas. The program offers a 30% or more commission on product sales during promotional periods, along with additional support through podcast episodes, blog posts, and email messages for the affiliate team. Often I increase this commission at the holidays or at special promotional events.

Join our affiliate program here.

Product Highlights of My Affiliate Program

Website Update Checklist: A comprehensive checklist to keep websites updated with weekly, monthly, and yearly updates, ensuring optimal performance and visual appeal.

60 Days of Content: A resourceful package containing 60 social media posts with captions and 50 square Canva graphics, catering to various content needs, from posts to live videos.

DIY Logo Bundle: An assortment of customizable logo designs accompanied by a brand board, ideal for creating unique branding assets.

DIY Designer Canva Course and Template Library: A comprehensive course including Canva tutorials and a template library for diverse design requirements.

Social Stickers: Unique phrases and graphics for enhancing social media designs, providing a distinctive and branded visual appeal.

365 Days of Captions for Direct Sales and Network Marketing: An extensive collection of prewritten captions tailored to the direct sales industry, offering a year’s worth of social post ideas.

Four Affiliate Programs to Join Today

If you are interested in affiliate marketing and are looking for some programs to join, here are some I recommend. These are in order of how much you can earn, actually with my own network marketing company listed first because the payout is much larger than Amazon and other programs. Choosing an affiliate program to belong to is a personal choice and, like mentioned above – you should only join program you have an authentic interest in and desire to promote.

You should also join the affiliate programs of people who you have purchased products from, where you have used those products and have gotten great results from them. Keep track of these in a spreadsheet and watch for when the product creator has special promotions – often around Black Friday and other times of the year.

Here are three programs you can join today and start earning.

Young Living Essential Oils – Natural products for the whole family

This is my own network marketing business that I began in 2015. In full disclosure, this is not an affiliate program, but you can promote it like it is, just promote casually or really develop a full business with this company. This is a great opportunity to do a few things:

  • Get all natural products for your home, without artificial fragrance. These products are scented with essential oils and are very high quality.
  • Grow personally but learning new ways to develop relationships with others, expand your skills, and achieve things you may not have considered doing.
  • Earn free products or commission. The choice is up to you. There are no monthly requirements to sell and we have MANY resources, plus a direct roadmap to get started with the products and/or the business.
  • Work with me on our team! And potentially attend events, travel, and more.

Create your free account with Young Living here.

My Affiliate Program – Promote marketing resources to your audience

Like mentioned above, all of my digital products and resources are available for you to promote to your own audience. They are in the areas of marketing, websites, and productivity.

Join our affiliate program here.

Amazon Affiliates – All the items you order and use daily

If Amazon is a regular place you shop, then consider joining the affiliate program. Although the pay if very small, depending on your audience and content plan you can earn regular commission by sharing products. And they have several ways to share content on their own platforms that can help you earn more.

Become an Amazon Affiliate here.

Tapestri – the app that pays you back

This is a program I joined a couple years ago, which is an app that pays you for having it on your phone. All of us have apps that track your data and sell it for a lot of money. The mission behind the Tapestri app is that you should get paid for you data. Apps are tracking you anyway, this is an opportunity to get paid for that. Using anonymous device location, it pays you by knowing where you travel to on a daily basis, but it’s all anonymous. Kind of like when you see traffic on a map, but you don’t know who is in the cars driving. You can also earn by sharing your location when driving, taking surveys, becoming an affiliate and more.

Get the free app here and start earning.

My Favorite Things

Woman holding five bottles of

Essential Oils

These are the natural products my family uses daily. Create your free account here and connect with me to get personal recommendations. I suggest this kit to get started – it comes with a diffuser, which is the perfect way to get started using oils.

Two children laying on the floor in pajamas.

Favorites for Kids

These are all items I’ve purchased and loved to use for my own two kids. Plus there are lots of gift ideas here.

A black and white bedroom with a pink dresser and stool.

Favorites for Your Home

I have all of these items in my own home or in our AirBnB. They are my favorite things for everyday home life.

A white desk with a hat on it and a laptop on it.

My Favorite Everyday Things

This is a total collection of all kinds of items I’ve purchased and used from Amazon including my iPad, case, earbuds, clothing (that I actually have) and more.

We hope these Tips to Promote Affiliate Products has shed light on the exciting world of affiliate marketing and provided insight into my journey with my affiliate program and how I promote other products. Whether you are considering joining an affiliate program or creating your own, remember to prioritize authenticity, quality, and relevance to ensure a successful and fulfilling affiliate marketing experience.

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