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Here is an example of a website I created for a lovely client. I got to work with Carissa, who was starting her coaching business to offer mindset coaching for professional organizations and business owners. After her site was published, I talked with her about her experience working with me and what the impact of her website has had on her business. This is a client case study example of a website design so you can see more of my work and learn about working with me.

Meet Carissa at The High Impact Mindset Co.

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The High Impact Mindset Co.

Contact: Carissa

Area of business: Life coaching

Platform: WordPress self-hosted with the Kadence Theme (affiliate link).

Website: The High Impact Mindset

Pages created for the site design: Home, About, Resources, Blog, Contact, Coaching, Mindset Coaching, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions.

Target audience: Busy working mom, typically in a corporate career, high performer, she does it all but she feels like something is missing.

For this website design, we went through my usual process of working with a client, which includes:

  • Client books a Discovery Call to talk about their ideas and website project
  • Client books a VIP Day to work with me. Length depends on the scope of the project and what they want to do at this time.
  • Client gets all of their materials to prepare for their VIP Day, including their Google Doc Workbook to plan and record all of the information for the project
  • Client schedules a Strategy Meeting, where we meet online and plan their website project, answer questions, etc.
  • VIP Day occurs, where I design their website

After the VIP Day, I provide any suggestions for next steps and let them know how the project finished. The client receives a survey about working with me to provide feedback and the project is completed.

All VIP Day website design projects are meant to be done quickly, efficiently, and professionally so you can get the website you have dreamed of and get moving forward with your business.

I’m always booking VIP Day website design projects. Do you need a website created or refreshed? Read more about how to work with me here.

After Carissa’s website VIP Day was completed, I got to talk with her about the experience and her thoughts about the website and her future plans, now that her website is up and running. Here is the interview we had.

Do you need a website? Or does your current site need a refresh?

What prompted you to seek a new website design/redesign?

I didn’t have one and I felt like I needed the visibility and credibility.

What were the main goals or objectives you wanted to achieve with the new website?

I wanted to educate, to get my clients to know me, and I wanted to have a platform to share my offers.

What were the biggest challenges you faced with not having a website or online presence?

I didn’t have a company yet or wasn’t a coach, so it all happened at the same time. Not having a website, I don’t feel official. Having a website just helps drive things, it’s more than branding, it’s helping to build what my company is about. Helping drive clarity for who we are here to serve. 

What was the experience like during the initial consultation phase?

I thought the whole process was great and I thought the way you approach the system, like “Carissa you need to get your ducks in a row before we even meet” was very helpful. I need to get clear on a lot of things in my business to know what I needed on my website. I like how you structured the calls in a way, it was all very thoughtfully laid out. There was a starting point and it got only better, how we continued enhancing. 

Were there any specific design elements or features you wanted to incorporate into the new website?

It was important for me that it was seamless.

Can you share any feedback or suggestions you provided during the development phase?

I feel like you went above and beyond. You and I were chatting a lot with each other. I was a little bit all over the place when it came to some things, you were good in helping drive clarity in what it was were were trying to do. You were open to new ideas when they would pop up. I never felt boxed in.

I loved your design style right off the bat. The way you laid out the design, it felt like it was very much what I wanted. Overall the website is exactly what I wanted.

How did you feel on the day of the website launch?

I loved it from day one. You were so sweet about it and responsive to this one mobile responsive things (edits we needed).

A website displayed on a computer screen featuring a smiling woman with glasses, sitting on a sofa and holding a mug, with text "step into your power" overlay.

What impact has the new website had on your business since its launch?

It’s doing what I need it to do right now and I know it’s set up for more functionality as the business grows. So when I have course offerings I feel very confident I can add that and it will link directly.

Are there any specific metrics or results you can share to illustrate the success of the project?

It’s still very early but I have had 28K impressions, 346 clicks, we are building awareness right now.

Definitely finishing the website, getting my social media manager up and running, there were a couple chunks on my timeline that were very big, building out my first funnel and lead magnet, there was a lot of heavy lifts that are now more automated that has freed up my time.

Overall, how would you describe your experience working with me?

I loved working with you. I want to work with you again.

Do you have any additional comments or feedback you’d like to share about the project?

I felt like it was very easy. I’ve worked with other website designers and I felt like I was pulling teeth, they weren’t getting what my vision was. This experience was very much in line, but I do feel like it was very easy, it felt very easy. I wasn’t at all worried.

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What are your future plans for your business, now that your website is published?

Here are some of the goals Carissa plans to tackle next, now that her website is completed.

  • Publish two blog posts a week
  • Weekly email
  • Sales funnel email
  • Wants consistency
  • Optimize the website
  • Weekly emails
  • Ad-hoc events. Email message sending.

features I designed on this website

  • Added a sub menu to the top of the site to add more specific links for people to learn about what Carissa does for coaching
  • Used Carissa’s extensive opt in for images to scroll on the site as quotes
  • Created graphics for the opt-in to use as content on the site
  • Made a more visual footer with a logo, graphic, and menus for people to navigate easily

Want to know more about working with me for your website or want to do it yourself? Read about working with me on a VIP Day for your website or see our course on how to set up your own website.

Do you need a website? Or does your current site need a refresh?

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