the free app that pays you back

Learn about how you can finally get paid for your data. No selling, no team building, just profit. And start earning today, really!

Do any of these sound familiar?

Tell me if this is you.

You’d like to make money in addition to your current job.  Even if it was a couple hundred dollars a month (or more).

You’re a stay/work-at-home mom, in network marketing, have an online or in-person business, or want to make more money. And expand your business income streams.

You are looking to add a simple, passive income so you can pay for kid’s activities, a vacation, pay off debt, or just save up here and there.

What if you could...

Have a FREE app on your phone that made you money just by having it?

Shared the free app with several friends, family, and people that added to the total you got paid each month? (Completely optional)

Join a community affiliate program to earn money without team building, selling products, carrying inventory, having a website, being that “salesy friend” or recruiting business partners?


Tapestri - the free app that pays you back

Tapestri is a FREE Apple and Google-approved app that allows you to have an income monthly just by having it on your phone.

Tapestri Affiliate Program

Here's how it works

Use the app two ways

free users

Everyone should get started here! Download the app for free and share it with friends if you want (not required).
Get paid $5-25 per month.*

affiliate users

If you are interested in sharing the app, become an affiliate like I am. Download the app for free and pay the affiliate fee (they recently lowered it). Share the app with others and get paid monthly.

want to see more about how this works?

Watch this video HERE on YouTube or below.

Don’t forget to grab the app with the link on that video page (or come back here to get it). I’d be thrilled to have you Tap with us!

“Watching this Zoom makes me want to call a bunch of people tonight.”
– JENNY, Tapestri Affiliate

join the tapestri affiliate program today

If you are looking for an easy affiliate opportunity where you get paid just by having other people download the free app (and they get paid), this is for you.

To be an affiliate you:

1. Sign up to be an affiliate HERE.

2. Create your account. You can learn more in the video on that page.

3. Invite friends to download the free app they get paid to have. Then repeat!

Jessica Wangelin

Hi, I'm Jessica!

I’m a wife, mom of two,  and multi-passionate entrepreneur. 

I’ve been an online business owner since I started my home decor blog in 2009. Since then I’ve seen lots of opportunities come and go. This one stood out to me and I invite you to join as an affiliate today to bring another income stream to your business now. 

Believe me, I know it seems too good to be true, but it’s not. I say no to a lot off business pitches and this time I said yes! The company is legit, I’m very excited about this and earned Super Affiliate status in the first 2 weeks of launching. If you ever wanted to get in on the early stages of an opportunity, this is it!

I’d love to work on you with this. Message me anytime here.

join the tapestri affiliate program today

Affiliate marketing will grow exponentially in the next few year. This is promoting someone else’s products while getting paid for it.  When you upgrade to be an affiliate, you get 2X the bonuses and benefits, earn recurring bonuses, exclusive resources, opportunities and more. We had 14 people join our affiliate program in 2-weeks. This is a great opportunity to earn income this month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Watch this presentation I did HERE.

It seems like that, I get it. And I thought the same thing. I work with a lot of entrepreneurs and this opportunity stood out to me because it’s a no brainer. It’s completely vetted, the app is Google, Android, and Apple approved and it’s going to be a great way for you to earn income and have fun inviting people to join you.

Yes! Anyone can get the app for free (when it launches) and earn money every month.

Once the app goes live, they will invite you to set up a Stripe account for payment. Tapestri does not collect your payment information. In the future they plan to have other payment options like Google and Apple Pay, PayPal and possibly others.

No it is not. The app is free for anyone to use (even people not in online businesses). There is no selling, products, recruiting (unless you want to build the affiliate program).

Tapestri has an extensive back office with marketing and promotional materials for you to use. Plus an affiliate FB group. Our team will also help you promote it. I provide all affiliates with a Trello board to organize this, track information, get ideas and collaborate.

Yes, watch this YouTube video here. This will help you understand how the app works and how you can benefit from the affiliate program.

get paid from your phone + create more income today

We’ll be excited to have you join our team!