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  • 60 Days of Content

    60 Days of Content

    60 Days of Content is a collection of 60+ social media post captions to use for posts, stories, reels, live video and more. Plus 50 square Canva graphics to customize for your brand and use with your posts that focus on engagement, testimonials, charts, lists, reminders, quotes, lifestyle designs and more.
  • A Digital Business Planner displayed across three devices: a smartphone, a laptop, and a desktop monitor, all showing a project management application.

    Digital Business Planner


    Digital business planner in a Trello board for small business online entrepreneurs.

  • DIY Branding Guide

    DIY Logo Bundle


    The DIY Logo Bundle is a collection of 15+ Canva brand board and logo templates to customize your own logo with fonts, colors, and design already created.

  • Website Updates Checklist.

    Website Updates Checklist


    Website Update Checklists are a curated strategy for evaluating, auditing, updating, and creating a website that reflects your business now. This all-in-one collection of tasks will keep your website looking great, sounding like you, and getting your audience to pay attention. It comes with weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly lists to update your site in Google Doc, spreadsheet or Trello Board format.