DIY Logo Bundle


The DIY Logo Bundle is a collection of 15+ Canva brand board and logo templates to customize your own logo with fonts, colors, and design already created.



The DIY Logo Bundle is a collection of 15+ brand boards and logo templates for you to customize your own professional logo. It is a complete, step-by-step system for entrepreneurs who want to create (or update) a logo with their own personal touch and have the expertise of professionally designed templates.

All organized on one easy-to-use online course, the DIY Logo Bundle includes:

  • 15+ different brand boards to use to create a logo either for yourself, your group, or your business
  • All of the design, color selections and font ideas already picked out
  • Templates for you to have your own logo today
  • All of the Canva files you need to use the brand board and logo templates
  • Video instructions on how to use the bundle

Getting this bundle will help you have:

  • A stunning logo and brand without hiring an expensive designer
  • A logo and brand that makes you proud, looks professional, and is in your budget
  • The feeling of having your brand put together to use to share your message
  • The confidence to share your business with your audience
  • Social media graphics to share online
  • The ability to get started promoting your business now

The DIY Logo Bundle is a super simple make-your-own logo kit that I created to help women who are developing their own brand to run their business online and finally feel organized with their message, visuals, and social media presence.


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