Three Ways to Get Motivated Each Morning

Want to know three ways to get motivated each morning? Did you know that there are simple things you can do each day to get up and get going? Even if you don’t feel like you’re in the mood to get things done?

I was talking with a friend of mine the other day, and she asked:

How do you find this motivation? Where does it come from? Send some over my way.

Would you love to know how to get motivated each morning?

Motivation is something that some people have naturally, others don’t or sometimes it can come once in a while.

Three Ways to Get Motivated Each Morning

The key to finding it and to keeping motivated is to do what feels right to you authentically. A lot of times, motivation just doesn’t happen anywhere. But there are a couple of things that you could do to get yourself motivated, particularly in the morning to set your day up for success.

Here are three things that I do every morning to help myself just feel really good, getting a positive mindset and help myself get things done. So at the end of the day you can go to bed feeling good.

1. Get up before everybody else in your house.

This may not be possible depending on the stage of your life that you’re in.

Especially if you have a newborn or really little kids that don’t sleep on a regular schedule. I get it. I know I’ve been there, but I have found that when you set the alarm and you’re awake before your kids get up, it’s like this magical feeling comes over you.

You’re like, oh my goodness, I can get things done! 

Even sometimes if it’s only 10 minutes that you’re awake, to collect your thoughts, have some peace by yourself, to think about what you want to do for that day. So set your alarm to get up before people in your house. 

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There’s magically more hours in your day when you get up before everyone else. So if you’re not a morning person, you might be surprised at how much you’d like it.

My kids are late sleepers. Like if I were to get up and go downstairs and start to clean up or make coffee or something like that, probably they would hear that. So I try to avoid that. Do what you have to do to make it work.

So I set myself up to get things right in bed. I will get up sometimes if I have to grab something really fast from my office, but go back into my bed. So I’m not making any noise. 

Do your affirmations, review your top 3 priorities for the day, and get focused.

If you do it, I would love to hear if you have a miracle morning routine and how it works for you. Tell us in the comments below.

2. Write down the three most important things that you want to get done that day. 

Even if it’s the most simple tasks like you want to finish the laundry from the previous day, make sure you write down the top three things and try to stick to three. Don’t get yourself crazed with a to-do list that isn’t going to happen. And then you’re just going to be disappointed and beat yourself up. So list out three things for the day.

A lot of people break these down into different categories and priorities. So you could do one for your business or your job, one for your family life and one for yourself. Write down some of the three most really critical things that you absolutely want to get done for the day on your to-do list. 

3. Get yourself in a positive mindset.

Do you practice a positive mindset?

It’s great to think positive lots and they do really nice things, but do you really, really practice it? Do you really sit down and decide that you’re going to change your thoughts to be something positive and that you are going to make sure that you check yourself when you’re thinking negative things to change that thought around.

Many years ago I found out about this when a friend gave me the Louise Hay “You Can Heal Your Life” series. Tell me if you’ve heard that or read it or listened to it on audio book.

It was this magical concept that, if you’re having a bad day and you keep having a bad day, what do you have to do to change it? You have to recognize that you have the ability as much as you can think about that, to think positive thoughts. That was really exciting concept. And I remember her saying in the series

You can choose to think a different thought.

– Louise Hay

Mind blown!

You can retrain yourself conscious because it runs most of your day and all the things that you think to do things. It’s shown that it takes 66 days to create a habit and reprogram your mind about the things that are happening. 

Tell us if you have favorite affirmations or books.

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Tell us what things you do to get in a positive and productive mood each morning!

Three Ways to Get Motivated Each Morning

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