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Your Ignited Life Coaching Branding Package

Thanks for submitting your form for your ILC Branding Package! I received your responses. Here is what happens next and how you can prepare for your branding design and/or website (depending on which part you are currently working on).

How this works:

and what you can do next
Let’s create your amazing brand

Tips for Creating Your Brand

  • Use whichever of these tips pertain to the place you are working with now, either your branding or website. These are just general guidelines so take what you find to be useful!
  • If you have inspiration images or a Pinterest board, please add those links to your Workbook.
  • When I send any work, please reply in a timely manner so we can get your package all set as soon as possible so you can use it! I’ll also do my best to be in touch quickly.
  • Colors can always be changed, but pick something you love, knowing it can be adjusted once you see it on a logo and in your own designs. Please consider sticking with a pallet, which makes all future work easier to execute.
  • If you don’t like something, just tell me. I’m never offended! The more you tell me what you’re looking for, the faster we will get to a brand that reflects you and your message.
  • When I send logo options, you are choosing between the different photos, not between the images on the photo. The different variations are considered a “logo suite” so you can use the different sizes and layouts in different ways. For example you may want something horizontal for your website header, but something small and square for the bottom of your social media stories.
  • For website preparation, you will need to have an opt in created by yourself (or however you’ve had it created). And you will need an Email Service Provider set up. You can read more about this on the Trello Board we will use.