How to Engage Former Customers in Your Network Marketing Business

There’s always a couple of things that you can do to get in touch with people who are former customers of yours to reconnect and help them order products again. I want to share some of the things that I’m doing about how I’m reaching out and how I’m engaging them, what exactly I’m saying, and how I’m doing it.

How to Engage Former Customers in Your Network Marketing Business

Here’s some great ideas for you on how to engage former customers in your network marketing business.

Sometimes when we get customers in our teams, they don’t always stay customers for a long time.  Different businesses have different kind of models of this. Some are just direct one-time purchases and you actually don’t hear from those people again. Whether they are considered members of your organization, or accounts or customers or whatever term you and your company might use.

Sometimes those people come, they show up, they buy some products and then they go inactive or they don’t order again. And you never hear or see from them.

One of the initiatives that I did actually last month in my business was I looked up all the people that I could identify that used to be customers of mine that are no longer.

Tips to Contact People

If there is not a way that you have to contact in collect information from people that are purchasing from you, you need to start to do that immediately. Most companies have a way where you get customer information. If your business is different than that, and you don’t collect it off the bat, like they don’t create an account and they’re just direct sales buying from you. Then think about ways to start to collect, at least at very minimum people’s first name and their email address.

Obviously last name helps differentiate people, but you definitely want to get people’s email addresses and start to do an email. You also might actually have had them in a Facebook group. We have a group when customers order from us that they all get added to our group. And so I never remove people from that group simply because they were product users. Once they more likely still have the product with them, but I want to make sure that they’re ordering and they can see the information and education that we have, when they get a chance to just learn about all those kinds of things.

Why connect with former customers

First, most likely if people have purchased your product before and they like it, that they may want to order again, but sometimes life gets busy or they didn’t have a chance to try new things.  It’s always a great idea to reconnect with those people and help them learn about how to use the product, check in, to see how they’re using it and just get them engaged with getting the benefits from the product that you have to offer.

  • It can help people to get the solution that they were looking for.
  • Initially, this can obviously help get you sales volume and organizational volume in general.
  • It can help people in Facebook groups to see more messages that you’ve been putting out there about the product. And maybe it just was something that they were really excited about but things got busy and they didn’t get a chance to order again.

Here are some ways to connect with former customers.

Send a Letter

You can also send a printed letter in the mail.  This is really unexpected and actually can help you stand out today when everything is electronic and people don’t have time to sit down and read a Facebook post. Right now there’s a lot of fun ideas for sending things like postcards or custom cards that you can have made to people.

Here’s what I wrote in a letter that I printed on bright colored paper so it would be noticed.

First, check in and say hello.

Remind them about how we’ve been in touch and how we know each other. Because some of these people, I may have met only one time at an event several years in the past. And they don’t necessarily remember who I am or why I’m writing. I say we’ve been in touch in the past with your account from this company.

I know it’s been a while since you had the chance to connect with our products and order some items, I’m sending this letter to personally invite you to choose some products and help you and your family and to reactivate your account with an order. I promise this is something that not only brings you peace of mind, but a lot of benefits too.

And then I bullet point the 8 reasons on how ordering will help them. This is for a specific reason. A lot of times when we’re talking about marketing and products, it’s not so much about what your product does, but how it helps them. So you don’t want to go into detail and say, these are the best ingredients in the world. And it’s made with such and such things, or all of the great factors that people try to use in marketing these days. Because that’s actually really just selling.  Marketing is more telling people the benefit of the product. So you want to make this a little bit of an emotional connection, but also help people to really realize the advantages of having an account with your company.

Because it actually has been a huge lifesaver over the past several months of just getting items safely delivered to your door. They’re shipped from warehouses in the US, which was a huge advantage of why I order every month from the company. And so I wanted to appeal to people a little bit from that factor, from the flexibility of it, from the ease of it, to the peace of mind, of just being able to order whenever they wanted to and having items in stock.

  • I indicated about how ordering saves time going to the stores and allows you to stay out of the public as you choose. And this is a one stop shop for all things, personal care cleaning and wellness needs.
  • I also told them about how this would help them have peace of mind that items are in stock when they needed them and that they get a wholesale discount when they reactivate their account and get free products when they have qualifying orders at any time.
  • And then I indicated some of the advantages they get from being specifically with our team, because I always believe that you should really pitch yourself in your opportunity, kind of as a package deal when there are so many different representatives selling the same product as you, you really have to think about how to make yourself stand out.
  • And so one of the things that I talk about with my company is education about how to use each product and our support community online. And that is both our Facebook group and the email electronic newsletters that we send that people can learn from.
  •  And then just high quality natural solutions that you can use on your kids, your spouse, your pets and things, including a couple of examples of the product lines that we have. So people could see a little bit more so about what was available to help them besides perhaps just the basics.
  • After I outlined about what some of the benefits were for ordering for people, I talked about how they could actually reactivate that account and place the order. And I gave people step by step instructions.
  • And it says, since you have not had a chance to order in 12 months, then I worded that specifically. Because I didn’t want to make people feel guilty. So I worded it “since you had not had the chance to order in a while, your account is now an active, but you can easily reactivate it by calling this number and placing an order of at least this value.”
  • I also included in my specific company, people have a customer number. And so I left a blank space on the letter to fill in their customer number, which I had. And I specifically wrote each individual customer number per specific personalized letter for them. So they didn’t have to look for that or ask for it. And it would actually just ease the process of them placing an order.
  • And then what I actually included at the end were some suggested items to order, because again, if people are getting this and they just have not connected with these products or they have them around their home and maybe they’re not using them, I outlined some things again to provide them with like a real life solution about things to do.
  • I talked about actually a promotion that is going on now with my company. Now I did time this kind of specifically, so people would know that there was something that give them would give them a free item when they reactivated with a specific type of order.  If you’re doing something like this, it’s a really great idea or a way to incentivize people just a little bit further about ordering, knowing that they would get something for free as well.

Lastly, to close off the letter, I included a little bit of kind of like terms and conditions by placing this order. It doesn’t obligate you to anything, there’s no other commitment. It just allows you to get some products now and do somethings to help get help you get some use of the products and solutions.

Then I remind them about how to get in touch with our Facebook group, how to get in touch with me. I include, of course my name and email address at the end and say, I look forward to hearing from you soon and being in touch with our community.

Email Series

The next thing I will do is send a three-part email series that is the content of the letter.

After that, I’m going to be reaching out to people individually and saying things just to connect with them.  Mostly that’s going to be on Facebook messenger to say things like, I know we’ve been in touch in the past and here’s some things I thought might help you. Were there any things or were there any ways that I can identify some products for you that might be great for you to use this summer?

Connect on Social Media

Last I will tag them and post in our Facebook group. I’m actually going to put up a specific post in my group to say, Hey, you might’ve received a letter from me recently. I want to make sure you have a chance to connect with your account and get some things that are going to be great for you to use the summer.

How to Engage Former Customers in Your Network Marketing Business

Ask People Directly

And then really, I’m just going to be asking people directly. These are people that have used the products in the past have enjoyed using them, but just haven’t done so in a while. And so this is a great way to reconnect them with your community, get them some results that they’re looking for, help increase your sales volume and help them connect with other people that they know that can help get their friends results from the products as well.

I want to know if you do this with your business, please tell me how you have connected with former customers and how it has helped you. And I will definitely make sure I keep in mind to share with you the results that I have had about all these people, because these are some of these people are actually good friends of mine or that I’ve connected with in different ways.

Tell me which if these techniques you will use to connect with former customers and how they help your business.

How to Engage Former Customers in Your Network Marketing Business

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