How to be productive without social media

Oh no it happened again!

Social media was not working. But does that mean you get to take a nap?

Nope! There are lots of things you can do to be productive when social media is down. Because it’s actually only one tool we use to promote our business.

It also goes to show you how important it is to have an email list so you can be in touch with your community. Or a blog, or a podcast. So put those on your business plan because they are great to have and fun too!

Here is how to be productive without social media.

  1. Clean out your email. The fastest way to do this is to sort by sender. Unsubscribe from lists (you need to focus to get stuff done in your business, NOT on doing another free challenge) and make note of anything you still have to do from email messages. You can also create some folders now and archive the things you don’t need in your inbox.
  2. Get busy on your business planner. Our digital version is right HERE. Jot down your ideas.
  3. Schedule your posts via a third-party tool. These days I love Social Champ, but SmarterQueue is also great. With these tools you can bulk schedule, fill up your queue without all the clicks to pick a specific time to post something, and even post to more than one place at once! This is super helpful for posting to IG, FB groups and pages, all at once.
  4. Affirmation task: Make a Trello board for all the tasks you want to give to a VA. Then manifest this and watch it come true! Wouldn’t it be amazing to have help? I am hiring my first VA this week and will be doing this myself today. So exciting!
  5. Create content. Use our FREE social media templates to make some images for future use.
  6. Make some social stories for your phone. Get these FREE backgrounds, jot down ideas of what to put on them later, and save them on your camera roll to use in the future.
  7. Write an email to your team. I talked all about what to email your team in the blog post. There are 5 simple things you can include in an email to your brand partners/business team or to your customers. This is a FREE PDF that outlines what to send to your team and customers, and it includes a bonus planner.

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Comment below and tell me which is your favorite thing to do without social media!

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