Gift Ideas for Women Friends

It’s always so nice to find gifts for the women in your life (or yourself!) that they will love, and you can easily order and send online.

Here are my must have gift ideas for women friends and sisters, best friends, mom friends, family and other women you’d like to gift a little something special. I actually have every single one of these items and can attest to how much I love and use them. Plus these are perfect for the holiday season or year round.

This post contains affiliate links for products I love and hope you do too.

Laptop Travel Backpack

I ordered this backpack to fly to a conference I presented at because I needed to take my laptop with me, have a chic bag to carry to the sessions, plus hold all of my carry on items on the plane – including kid items. It works for all three purposes.

While this comes in several sizes, I got the large to fit my Mac and have lots of room to spare. The backpack is great to stay hands free while traveling through airports, has lots of pockets, including some that are hidden and zip.

Plus as you can see from the picture, a space to add a battery pack to charge your phone right in the bag. I love and use this all the time, aside from traveling – it definitely holds a lot of things. The zippers on the black bag are gold. Definitely my style!

Find it on Amazon here.

Alcohol Removed Wine

Did you know this existed?!

If you don’t drink, are working on anti-inflammatory lifestyle, or diet restrictions, you’ll love this “wine”.

I first discovered this at a bachelorette party, I tried it and loved it. This is an especially good gift if you know someone following any specific diet who still wants the experience of drinking or maybe someone who does not drink and still would be willing to have this.

It comes in several varieties like Rosé, Moscato and others. There’s no chemical aftertaste and it tastes like wine! Having this also gave me that sophisticated feeling of having an adult beverage, even when it’s technically non-alcoholic.

Look for it at your grocery store and take a bottle to a friend who doesn’t want to indulge.

Buy it online or find a store here.

Press On Manicure

These press on nails are adorable and they last for weeks! If you are sick of your polish wearing off within a day and want a simple way to get a quick manicure then these will be your new favorite thing.

I had a set on for more than 4 weeks and they looked as good as the day I applied them. These come in long, short, and even pedicure sets in lots of colors and patterns.

All you do is push back your cuticles, wipe your nails with an alcohol pad, find the size that fits and press them on. Each box comes with 30 nails so you can get 3 manicures for about $8.

Find all of the manicures on Amazon here.

Blume Superfood Drink Mixes

I can’t describe how excited I was to find this company and how much I love these drinks!

What is it? From Blume:

A simple way to enhance your daily rituals with lattes, done better. Whether it’s at a cafe or in your own kitchen, you can now give your coffee a tasty superfood boost or swap it entirely for your favourite latte flavour that doesn’t compromise your wellness goals.

Blume is a collection of powers that you can mix into hot water, add milk to, and enjoy as a coffee alternative. But many people put a shot of coffee or espresso in them too. You can have your favorite seasonal flavors without all the sugar. In fact, Blume drinks are:

Photo by Blume.

Super foods! This is so exciting. For my first order I bought seven of them including: Pumpkin Spice, Salted Caramel, Cacao Turmeric, Mint Cocoa and more. Each packet has 30 servings, making them less than $1 per latte.

Find them here. When you sign up for their email list, you get a 10% off code.

What to Wear Outfit Calendar

This is one of my top favorite finds ever!

You know how after you had kids you really didn’t pay attention much to your wardrobe? Well at least I didn’t.

Now fast forward a little bit and you want to feel like you again. These style guides and what-to-wear calendar will get you there!

The ladies at Frump Fighters have created these amazing products for you to simplify your wardrobe (but no, capsule wardrobe doesn’t have to mean small), and learn what to wear that is on trend but not trendy. And they give you outfits for every single day of the year! It takes the decision fatigue out of your mornings and helps you look chic as a busy mom entrepreneur.

I own both the Women’s Business Style Guide 2nd Ed., which is a collection of outfits to wear for work in business casual or work from home settings. And I have the What to Wear Outfit Calendar 4th Ed., which is the list of 365+ outfit ideas for literally every single day of the year.

What’s amazing about these guides is that they come with capsule wardrobe lists, lots of instructions and ideas on how to simplify and coordinate your wardrobe so you can make sure you have all the pieces you need to mix, match, and create outfits that are on trend and fit your body type.

Find all of their products here.

Essential Oils Collection

This collection of 10 essential oils and blends that provide ongoing support for your home, health, and body. Included are popular oils like Lemon, Lavender, and Frankincense. But also immune supporting Thieves, mood-lifting Joy, and vacation in a bottle Stress Away. It’s a perfect curation of oils that someone can literally use every single day.

Order the Everyday Oils Collection for yourself or a gift. When you do you’ll join our community of oily friends where we share online education and in person events for you to learn about and benefit from your oils and natural living products.

Get the Everyday Oils Collection here.

Photo by Life Steps App

Copper EMF Neutralizing Necklace

This has been on my wish list for awhile and I hope it arrives in my stocking this year. This is an EMF neutralizing necklace that is actually stylish.

What is EMF and what does it do? EMF stands for the Electromagnetic Field, which is invisible energy from electric and electronic devices. According to the National Institutes of Health:

EMFs influence metabolic processes in the human body and exert various biological effects on cells through a range of mechanisms. EMF disrupts the chemical structures of tissue since a high degree electromagnetic energy absorption can change the electric current in the body.

There are numerous negative impacts on your health from EMF exposure. This necklace works to neutralize the frequency and redirect it. It is effective for 5G, has a 5 ft functional radius, and a high gloss mirror finish.

Whether or not you believe in this technology, you are exposed to EMF daily from electronics, your cell phone and other devices. It can have side effects you are not even aware of. When people compliment you on this necklace, you can tell them the super powers it has.

Get this for an eco and health conscious friend. Find it here.

Self Journal by Best Self

Do you like to journal?

I never thought I was a journal person, in fact I didn’t really like it. But when a friend gave me this, I loved using it so much, it actually changed my morning routine because I looked so forward to waking up and writing in it.

This is the Self Journal by Best Self, a company that makes journals, planners, activity and conversation decks, and other resources to help you plan, reflect, set goals, and prioritize. This particular journal has 13 weeks of pages to time block your day, tackle your goals, reflect, and be more productive. It also has space to set your goals, monthly pages, and reflection bullet type pages to map out your thoughts the best way it works for you.

Find it here and make sure to check out all of the journals offered on their site.

Photo by Best Self

Leave a comment and let me know if you have tried any of these and what you think of them!

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