Gift Ideas for Modern Moms

So you want to give a gift to a mom friend, but you don’t know what to choose?

I know that moms are busy, they need practical gifts, but we love giving things that are pretty and stylish too. Here are great gift ideas for modern moms who want a little something special for themselves!

These gifts are not just for the holidays, they are perfect gifts for year round. And I use these products myself, so you can read about my testimonials below. Tell us which you have or want to try.

This post may contain affiliate links. Se my full disclosure here and thank you for supporting these small businesses. Many of these links support another woman who runs her own business.

Magnetic Lashes

If you haven’t tried magnetic lashes, you will love they way they make you look. They are perfect for all your video recording day and when you go on date night. The lashes come with different color eyeliner and in different types so you can pick the ones that work best for your face.

Grab some lashes for yourself here. (affiliate link)

Nail Polish Strips

Who has tried these? I had not for the longest time, but of course now you can say I have a serious collection. The best part about these – aside from their amazing low price – is that they actually do last for about 2 weeks (or more!).

They come in all colors and sizes, even kids and pedicure, and the company that makes them often has great sales. Try them here.

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Amazon Echo Show

I got this as a gift actually and had no idea how I was going to use it. It turns out Alexa is my BFF in the kitchen to find meal ideas and read me recipes, and she puts me in a good mood when I ask her to play the New Kids on the Block station daily 🙂

But of course there are so many things you can do with these devices these days like online shopping, make lists, set calendars and more. They have different sizes (I have the 5 version), and you can get a stand for it too. (affiliate link) Find them here.

Pearl of Wisdom Self Defense Necklace

I saw this from a friend’s shopping site and thought about how gorgeous it was that I didn’t even realize how functional it is too. This is a self defense whistle necklace that looks like a gorgeous piece of jewelry you’d wear everyday.

So it’s beautiful and functional. And the company that makes it has all kinds of amazing products to help keep you safe. Find them here.

Wei of Chocolate

Awhile ago my friend Erin introduced me to chocolate meditation. Have you ever head of it? It’s exactly what it sounds like – amazing!

You do meditation while you eat these custom pieces of chocolate made to support your emotional well being. They come in all size quantities and you can get the guide to do the meditation with Erin. Find the chocolates here.

Window Shopper Bag

I use all kinds of bags all day long. From diaper to purses to little ones I pack when we got for a day trip. Did you ever want to find a collection of bags, wallets, and cute home accessories all together, then Thirty One Gifts is your answer. The window shopper bag in the guide is just one example of the hundreds of styles they have.

They used to just have bright patterns but now they have the most amazing colors, functions, and types perfect for busy women and moms on the go. I love the backpack bags and all of the large storage totes for my home. Find them here.

Find a consultant on that site to support a small business.

The Happy Planner

My sister introduced me to planners a long time ago and they are the perfect solution to actually getting things done! Do you use a planner? I know there are tons of options out there but I love the Happy Planners because you can take out the pages and move them around to find how you need the planner to work.

I love the Classic size with the dashboard layout because it allows me to write to do lists and ideas on the left side of the pages. But they have all styles and sizes too. Find them here.

P.S. I dare you not to get addicted to the stickers and accessories.

Super B Complex

There are tons of vitamins and supplements that I use on a regular basis but this one is a gift to moms everywhere. Did you know the body doesn’t store vitamin B and that you need to replenish it regularly? And that it’s going to be the KEY to you not having energy swings during the day?

If you have a lot to do in a day or want to be still going after you put the kids to bed, this is the supplement for you. This is the one I use because it has almost double the absorbency into the body as do other Vitamin B complex supplements that you’ll find. Learn about how to order here.

Tell me which if these gift ideas for modern moms that you love and which you use yourself!

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