Four Things to Do for Your Business in December

Four things to do for your business in December

A few years ago I took the entire month of December off from my business.

While it let me focus on my family and the holidays at the time, it was a really bad idea. It was lazy, it was easy, it wasn’t the best I could do.

But I made that choice because I was in the mindset that people were not at all going to be interested in my business, or be buying my products, and I didn’t want to feel like I was bugging my team to get them to work.

Was that a good idea? Nope!

Did anything positive come about from that? Nope!

While it is a really busy time of year, here are four things to do for your business in December and still move that needle in the right direction – up.

Have conversations.

All positive things come about from talking to people and really connecting with them. This is where you will develop and grow relationships, find out about how to help your customers or prospective customers, and how to really get things happening.

Don’t forget that conversations can happen in several ways. Email, phone, text, message, DM, PM, all the messages.

Reach out, say hi. Don’t talk about your business, but talk about the other person. Ask how they are, reach out to an old friend, show up at an event. These are all ways to help support your relationships and ultimately, your business.

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Provide value to people.

This kind of goes along with tip number one. Most of the time, people have lots of things going on in their lives and problems that sometimes you don’t even know about. Often what they need is a solution to their problems. This is where you can add value and really help someone.

In your conversations, tell that mom who hates meal planning how you pick your own dinners. Do you know someone who is stressed? Tell them what you do to calm down.
Think of some behind the scenes info you can share with your team, customers, or friends who are in need of someone who understands, and can listen.

Four things to do for your business in December

Host an event

In my business, we host lots of in person events simply because our product allows for lots of use and interaction that way, but you don’t have to have an in person event.

There are several options to host an online class, workshop, Zoom meet up, live videos even count to get people together to have conversations.

I think there are few things that get people connected than events, so grab some other ladies on your team and plan something fun for this month. Here are some ideas:

  • Happy hour at a local restaurant or bar with your team and prospective customers
  • In home get together to share the product selection and help people learn how to use them
  • Online event where you talk about the benefits of your product, have everyone come with a question
  • Giveaway series online to help reward your customers and team
  • Activity get together at a gym, workout event or elsewhere to do team bonding

Or come up with an event that works best for your company and products.

Quiet the noise and do some planning

One thing a lot of probably don’t do enough is to really set a vision for our business and come up with creative ways to make that vision come true.

I say quiet the noise because you may already be great at planning, or think you have a plan, but what most of us are really missing is the quiet time to really focus and brainstorm creative ways to serve your audience. Allow yourself to do this and come up with your own ways to provide great content and help solve problems.

I often make to do lists for the week, but I find that they lack quality. What I’m missing is the content concepts that really are the main message I want to share, the main points and to do items that will get my audience thinking and working.

What are things you do to focus on your business in December?

Four things to do for your business in December

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