Five Things to do for Your Business When You are Sick

You know it happens sometimes in your life. Even when you are busy and still have to work. Sometimes you do not feel good. It happens probably in everyone’s house when your body and your mind just needs a rest and you just get sick.

But I do know that there are a ton of things that you can do to work on and support your business even when you’re not feeling well. I want to share some of those ideas with you and I would love to hear any ideas that help you to be productive when just you don’t really feel the best, right?

Five things to do for your business when you are sick

Here are five things to do for your business when you are sick. They will give your body time to recover, they’ll give your mind some satisfaction that you are getting some things done. Because I know productivity is always a big thing. I’m super, super in love with being productive. And I hope that some of these things will help you when you’re not feeling great too.

Clean out your email

Number one, clean out your email. I think there’s always room there for improvement and getting down to only the messages that you need. There’s a theory out there called inbox zero, which is a way to get your inbox to zero messages and just get those out cleaned out. But the main thing you have to do in terms of cleaning up your email is unsubscribe from all the lists that you’re on.

Pro tip, sort your messages by sender. That’s a really fast way, I find actually the fastest way to unsubscribe from your messages and just clear that so you’re not checking them.

Update your to do lists

The second thing you can do when you’re not feeling so great to work in your business is to revise your plans and update your to do list. I keep all of my to do lists actually in Asana. I love using that project software to just track all my checklists and tracking the priorities for the week in my content creation and all those good things. See all of my business resources here.

Use your paper planner or use your digital planner, however you keep track of the list the best. But definitely update those. You can also in there and draft your social posts, you can make sure your goals are on track, and lots more.

Five Things to do for your Business when you are Sick

Back up your files

The third thing that I think is really helpful to do, even if you’re not feeling great and you can’t even maybe do video, you can’t talk, you can’t do any of your podcasting or messaging or anything like that, is to clean out your electronic files. Most of us probably don’t back up our computers as often as we should, right?

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Take some time to backup your files. Clean out your laptop, organize the folders you have there. Get yourself an external hard drive, if you don’t have that or set up cloud storage. And clean up those files, get the things in order to keep only the things you need, delete your trash, empty that trash and get all those things just sorted out.

That’s a great, really productive thing to help and you will feel so productive getting it done. And I think what’s interesting is when you do that is that you find a lot of ideas when you’re cleaning out your folders for content ideas, for your business or resources that you can use to help your team and things like that. But don’t forget to backup those files and your photos too.


Another great thing I’d like to do when you’re not feeling so great and you can’t really get lots on with your business is to do some brainstorming. I think it’s so, so important and I don’t think we do it enough to just quiet the noise and really reflect on why you’re doing your business and come up with creative ways to serve your customer and provide value to your potential customers, your team, and the people you are serving.

Take some time with your tea and your comfy blankets and your lounging clothes and just sit quietly and brainstorm. What are some things that you would like to do that you haven’t done and then find where those things maybe fit in your priority, in your to do list, in your plans for this quarter or next month or whatever it might be.

Self Development

And the last thing of course, that you can definitely do if you’re not feeling so great and you don’t feel like you can really work on your business well is to do some self-development. It’s a great time to read, to catch up on the books, to catch up on all the training or the courses you purchased and the memberships you’re in.

Go and watch those videos. Participate in the masterminds when you can and just kind of absorb that knowledge. It’s a great time to catch up on podcasts. Of course when you’re not feeling 100% but you really want to do some things to support yourself in your business and grow.

Again, five quick things to do for your business when you’re not feeling so great are:

  • Clean out your email
  • Revise your plans and update your to do list
  • Clean out and backup your electronic files
  • Do some brainstorming. Get some ideas for yourself, for your business.
  • And then lastly, do some self-development and self-care and take care of yourself.

Leave a comment and tell us how this has helped you and your business!

Five things to do for your business when you are sick

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