Five Agenda Topics for Your Team Meetings

Five Meeting Topics for Team Meetings

There often comes a time when you are looking to grow your business and communicate with the people on your team that are also pursuing the business opportunity with you.

Whether you call them recruits or prospects or business builders, there are some really great ways that you can keep in touch with them and share all kinds of news about your team and what’s happening.

But maybe you aren’t sure what to talk about or say in a meeting or video?

Here are five agenda topics for your team meetings that are easy to include in every newsletter, every email, every live video communication that you have with your team.

Using these gives you a way to share messages, give a structure and an outline to when you’re talking with each other, so you can actually progress with the agenda and get some things done. Win!

Personal check-in

We always say hi, what’s happening with everybody, how things are going, and what’s happening with everyone personally.

Then we ask what’s happening with their business to make sure that there are things that we may need to include in our agenda. I think that’s always helpful just to see what’s going on with everybody and identify where they’re at so we can know how to move forward with anything.

Life and business intersect so make sure you know what is happening with your team members. This helps to build your relationships!

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Company Updates

The second thing that we always talk about when we are communicating with our team are corporate updates and promotions. Anything that happens from our company, we talk about, so people know what are the new products that have come out, what are the current and upcoming promotions that are going on. 

We work with a company that has markets around the world, and so they are always having events and openings and things. Share what’s happening with your company so everyone knows what is going on. This helps keep them in touch to help answer any questions from customers too.

They may know about products and really believe in them and share them, but just so that they have that knowledge about what’s going on so they can potentially share that and stay in the know about those kinds of things. 


The next thing that we talk about on our agenda for our communication with our business team members are the events that are happening. If you have events that are in person or online, those count too.

Sometimes people are having events at their houses and so we talk about those. And we share about who is hosting events, what are tips about doing the invites and communications.

Talk about who you are inviting, what can make your event great, and how can your team members can collaborate on events together.  Events can be things like training, travel, any corporate events, or conventions too.

Five Agenda Topics for Your Team Meetings

Professional Growth Tips

This is the fourth agenda item we include with our team. This includes everything like time management, productivity, self growth, and development.

  • What are some other resources out there that you can learn from?
  • What are the hot topics in your industry?
  • Have you seen a great business resource that your team will love? Share it.

We talk about growth and how to get people to not just work IN the business but work ON their business and develop themselves as a leader and gain those skill sets and the entrepreneurial mindset to help further their business and their team.

This is where you can share books, trainings, conferences and more resources to help your team grow.

Action Step

We always want to leave everybody with some kind of action step to do. This is so important!

Instead of just talking one sided for a meeting, we always give people something to do to make progress in their business. This can also be a mini challenge that you issue that you want team members to work on either that day or that week.

A challenge can look something like: reach out to five people on your team today, do a curiosity post, think about what your education is going to be next week.

Think of the things that you can give as a tangible task to your business team members in terms of getting them to take action. What do you think of these fine agenda topics for your team meetings?

Tell us below if this is helpful for you and your team meetings! Please share this with someone that you will know that will benefit from this too.

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Five Agenda Topics for Your Team Meetings

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