Tips for Emailing Your Network Marketing Customers

First of all, high five to you for taking up a network marketing business to do something you love, make a great impact in the lives of others, and plan for your family’s future! You deserve an award for this. It is outside the box, not something many people even know about, and it’s hard work. Am I right?

Second, you have a team! I believe leadership starts the day you get your first customer, so whenever we use the work “team”, take it to mean, any and all customers, members, recruits, business associates, or other term your company may use to refer to people who purchase product from you (and who are building a business with you too – although those messages can be different per your own needs and system).

A guide to emailing your network marketing customers

But, you may be thinking…

I want to start to demonstrate some leadership skills with my team, but where do I begin?

I think all good results come from communication.

These are our favorite tips for emailing your network marketing customers and team. If any of these describe where you are in your business right now, then this guide is for you.

  • You are looking for ways to organize your business and create some order to the work
  • You want to simplify your business tasks to get them done quicker
  • You only have a little bit of time each day (or even each week) to work on your business and you need that work to be efficient
  • You want to start to put systems in place to help automate and replicate your business

So, why is it important to communicate with our teams?

  • It helps them to know, like, and trust you.
  • It helps them get results to the problem your product helps to solve.It builds a positive vibe, open dialog, and an “we’re in this together” culture.
  • It helps them to learn about products, events, sales, tips, and more to get the results they are after.It builds your authority as a leader in your field and company.
  • It helps you to keep up on your company’s news.It provides a way for people to make connections with you as a customer, but also for future relationships.

Now that we know why it’s important, let’s get talking about the how!

Get an email service provider.

An email service is a company that lets you send out email messages to groups of people. You can use plain text email or templates with attractive graphics, elements, links, and options to add pictures. 

An email service is a must-have because the email you may currently have like Gmail, Yahoo, or others will consider your messages spam if you try to email a larger group. And you want to keep the recipients anonymous anyway. This is just good email practice.

If you don’t already have one, there are many free options to start to communicate with your team and options for only a few dollars a month that give you features that will help like tracking open rates, letting you know who reads the email and more.

See our recommendations for an email service provider HERE.

As a note, when you set up an account with an email service, you will have to provide an address for the account that shows up at the bottom of your email messages. This does not have to be your home address, but can be a PO Box you rent or a business. It is part of the anti-spam laws.

Read the policies of the provider before you sign up. Some do not allow direct sales and network marketers to use their service. There are other options like MailerLite, FLOdesk and more. However if you are doing this right, you won’t have to worry.

If you don’t already have the email addresses of your customers, start to ask them personally to give their email address to you. You can offer an incentive or something else, but at minimum you have to get their first name and email address.

Keep track of them on a Google Drive spreadsheet and you can easily import them into an ESP.

A guide to emailing your network marketing team

Start sending email on a regular basis.

Yes, your customers want to hear from you!

They invested in your products and you should definitely be in touch with them. Educate them, provide value, connect, talk life. People want connection. Give it to them on a regular basis.

Here are Five topics to include in every email message. Use that guide to structure your messages and send them no less than once a month.

Email Topic Ideas

Here are several ideas to use to talk about with your team. Use these for subject lines and/or the content itself. Adapt as needed and have fun. Let your personality show through and encourage people to reply and connect with a CTA.

Email is the one communication tool that you own. And it can be free! Use it to your advantage, practice your writing, and your team will learn to trust you when you send them regular value-packed messages that help solve their problems.

  • How the product helps with resolutions and goal setting
  • Five great ways to use (products)
  • You’ll never believe what is happening this month with (company name or top product here)
  • Girl time this Saturday with (product name).
  • You don’t want to miss it
  • Only 2 days left to get the best deal ever on (product or item)
  • Secret ways to use (product) that you must-know about
  • It’s an (product name) party!
  • Join us online tomorrow night.
  • Ten great gifts to give everyone on your list
  • You have an opportunity that will help people. Share it.
  • Three ways to tell your friends about (the benefit of your product)
  • Can you come to our event this weekend?
  • Did you know that (product) does this?
  • Two ways (best-selling product) is better than a Pumpkin Spice Latte
  • Need gift ideas? We’ve got you covered.
  • See how my friend (insert name here) is paying her bills with a (company name) business
  • In need of a girl’s night in? Here is how to make it happen.
  • Did you know you can get (value/product) for (price/discount off)?

What other ideas can you come up with?

Don’t forget to email your customers and team on a regular basis! And tell us which of these tips for emailing your network marketing customers has helped your business the most.

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