Content Ideas for December

It’s December! Or maybe it’s November if you are preparing your content early you rock star.

This month you’d like to be able to focus on family rather than stay up late working on your business right?

I totally understand that, which is why I’ve put together these content ideas for December for you to know exactly what to write about this month (or before if you are preparing early and pre-scheduling your content).

Let’s help you have a less stressed holiday season for your business with these fun content ideas for December. All of these can be customized for your audience, service, products, and niche. So grab some matching photos and write these up as blog posts, record as a podcast or video to share with your audience all month long.

Pick any that work for your business, audience, and promo channels (lives, podcast, blog, etc.). And get creative with them. Don’t forget to add a call to action for each piece of content.

Gift Guide for Your Niche

A perfect content idea for December is to create a gift guide of your favorite things or items you know resonate with your audience. This could be your favorite things specifically for your people or amazing resources you got for your business this year. What helps your readers have an easier holiday season? Write about that.

It doesn’t have to be a round up of physical items but could be gift ideas for them to get others, for their teams, their business, or their lives in general.

Just because you write about how to grow a business doesn’t mean your audience doesn’t need help with gift giving for their own friends and family. These extra pieces of content that help you show your personality are great because they:

  • Help your audience
  • Build up the know, like and trust factor in addition to what people already connect with you about
  • Provides that extra something special for your audience
  • Can be monetized with affiliate links
  • Expands your topic library, which can help new people find you who might not already know your business

Don’t forget to add and disclose any affiliate links you use in this post and when you share it to social media, tag all the companies and people you included in the guide.

Review Your Year in a Post

Sharing a review of your business year can be a great way to build your authority when it’s done right. Instead of doing a round up of all of the highlights of your own year – which makes things all about you, make sure this post is teaching your ICA how to do the same as it relates to their niche.

In this blog post, podcast episode or video you share, be sure to add lots of value for your audience to learn from. To do this, you can talk about:

  • The best courses and programs you got that year and why. Talk about how they transformed your business. Make suggestions of things you really love, this makes it authentic.
  • Share what tech you implemented or upgraded to and how it’s helped you. Here is when you can teach them about a great tool you use weekly.
  • If you revised some processes or hired an employee or outsourced something make sure to mention it. People are always looking for ideas on how to improve their own systems.
  • If you include a revenue report and don’t want to share numbers then just show percentages of your revenue sources, email list growth, social engagement and content consistency. As a bonus, link to ways to work with you or to your own content about these topics.

Content Ideas for December

  • Gift guide for your niche with affiliate links
  • Review your year in a post and teach them something
  • Three things you do at the end of each year
  • Vision casting for the new year
  • Holiday related content

Three Things You Do at the End of Each Year

The next content idea takes your reader behind the scenes of your business and also forces you to reflect a bit on how to prepare yourself for the new year.

If you don’t have some specific things you do at the end of the year to wrap up then think of some, do them, and share your journey about the experience. And three ideas makes it manageable!

Here are ideas:

  • How you organize your digital or physical environment
  • Getting your planner set up and how to use it for your topics area
  • How to determine areas to focus on for the new year
  • Pretty much anything that helps your audience to close up the year and prepare for the next one
  • How to review your past year and set appropriate goals for the new year
  • Cleaning out email and digital files
  • Creating systems for running their business/lives/hobbies the way you teach them how
  • Decluttering their home, office, diet, schedule, life, etc.
  • Take time off to focus on mental health

This type of post is a way to help set them up for an organized new year, so get them excited about these three things. Share step by step tutorials of exactly what to do and don’t overthink it. People often need the basics repeated to them to be able to master it.

What three things do you do at the end of each year?

Listen on the Podcast

Vision Casting for the New Year

This is your own version of how to help your ICA to set up their vision for the next year and make their plans. Everyone loves a fresh start! And there are so many things you can do to help them clarify and set their goals.

Think vision boards, affirmation videos, goal trackers. What do you want to say to your audience that helps them to set and reach their goals?

What I’m doing in this blog post is a small example of this. I’m helping you to do something for the future. You can do the same thing in a piece of content about setting goals or identifying priorities for even just the first quarter of the new year.

If you love to plan or just love a fresh start this is a very fun piece of content for you.

  • What can you share and talk about that will help your audience get set up for an amazing new year?
  • What do you want them to focus on the most that will get them results in their business?
  • What plans can you help them make that will get them reenergized about their work?

Holiday Related Content

This content idea for December is because it’s the holiday season of course!

What kinds of holiday content can you share with your readers? Is there a story you have that relates to what you teach? Can you give them something as a gift for free such as one of your smaller digital products?

This about how busy people are and what kind of season they are looking to create for their families. How does your business fit it?

  • Are there products that they need this time of year? If so, share info on how to use the products.
  • Can you collaborate with 2 other colleagues and do a small training as a gift to your audiences?
  • Can you create a small bundle of goodies that helps them this time of year? Include your products in this bundle to share.

Mostly anything that helps them save time and money will be a win in December!

What kinds of content ideas have you shared with your audience in December? Tell us in the comments, we’d love to hear about your business.

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