How to do a Habit for 90 Days

Do you think you could do a habit for 90 days straight?

Do you know how to do a habit for 90 days?

We are going to talk about doing a 90 day run at 90 days of habits, either for yourself personally, or for your business. And we know a lot of times those crossover to be a lot of the same things.

How to do a habit for 90 says

So tell me, I’d love to know, if you have ever done a 90 day run?

I had actually never heard of this until I was looking at some business training a couple of years ago, and a crossline person in my company suggested about doing a 90 day run of educating people about the products. And it was a really great way to get people information and really build up momentum to help those customers get results from their products, increase orders, sales volume, and bring customers in.

Recently I was having an impromptu conversation with one of my business coaches and we were talking about being consistent on social media. And so she was giving me advice and she didn’t even know she did it at the time. She said

“wouldn’t it be great if you could post every day on your profile for 90 days straight?”

We finished our conversation and I said to myself – challenge accepted. I thought it would be something that I really needed to do to be consistent, but also to give myself a little personal push and a little bit of a challenge to go after.

If you’re someone that has a red personality, this can definitely be something that like you’d like to do when you’d like to push yourself. 

Here are five great reasons to take on a habit:

About forty-five percent of your waking time is spent doing automatic behaviors. It’s one out of every two things, about half of your day is spent doing something you’re not actually aware of. It is something that helps your brain to conserve energy

Habits can be a way for you to be more productive in that way and not have that decision fatigue. That’s why CEOs wear the same outfit every day, so they don’t have to make another decision. 

Another great reason to do habits is that they’re actually a lot harder to break than you think. And that has to do with like how they are actually formed in the structure of your brain. It makes you mentally become like conditioned to do the same thing. And your body fights against something different because your brain is always trying to protect you from things. And so habits are harder to break than you think. It’s not like something you can just stop doing because your body’s like, no, no, we’ve got this conditioned.

Habits can become spiritual, like affirmation type things. So if you believe in the law of attraction, habits can kind of go along with that. You have to believe that you’re going to achieve the thing and do the thing. And then it really does just become part of you behavior. 

One specific habit can really just change your life so dramatically and it can change your business. Think about how much time you would have to be productive if you got up even just 20 minutes earlier in the morning to do your miracle morning and have some time for yourself. Or if you changed one small health habit.

So as far as how long it takes to create a habit, it’s a lot longer than people think. There’s there is a study that came out that talks about how long on average it takes more than two months before a new behavior becomes automatic and it’s actually 66 days to be exact.

How to do a habit for 90 days

Here are ideas of habits to do for your health, home and business:


  • Contact 3-5 customers a day to say hello without mentioning the products)
  • Prepare social media content to prepare for future posts
  • Post on social media daily
  • Make new friends, send requests
  • Send happy birthday messages
  • Research your ideal customer and find out what will help them
  • Engage in FB groups (or wherever you enjoy hanging out online)
  • Post in your own group
  • Use your products
  • Ask 1 person a day to try your products

Personal, Home and Health Habits

  • Reading
  • Journaling
  • Listening to podcasts
  • Meditating
  • Declutter one space in your home
  • Clean something every day
  • Miracle morning or bed time routine
  • Wake up or go to bed at the same time each day (or before a specific time)
  • Physical activity – stretching, walking yoga, etc
  • Be social – Text friends, post on social media, send messages to say hello
  • Family – Connect with people, spend 1-on-1 time with children
  • Have alone time for yourself
  • Work on a hobby
  • Start a project that you have been wanting to
  • Drink more water
  • Eat more vegetables
  • Take supplements

Don’t forget to pin this to remember some ideas for habits for yourself and comment below to tell us what habits you have done for 90 days!

Ideas for 90 days of habits

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